Rare Stuff
The Flaming Lips S/T EP - 1984 (1 CD-R)
The Bands first EP, vocals are by Mark Coyne before he left the band.
Sound- A
1.Bag Full of Thoughts
2.Out For A Walk
3.Scrathchin' The Door
4.Garden Of Eyes/Forever Is A Long Time
5.My Own Planet

The Day Andy Gibb Died - 1990 - Live Norman, OK. (1 CD-R)
A true collectors item. Only 500 copies made of this live show in the Lips home town.
Sound- B
1.A:Lucifer Rising
   B:Unconsciously Screaming
   C:Shine On Sweet Jesus
   E:There You Are/Ma, I didn't Notice
   F:Every Christan Lion
2.Strychnine/What's so funny about peace love and understanding?
3.Thank You/Death Valley '69
4.Ballrooms of Mars
5.Jesus Is Floatin'
6.Cold Day In Hell
7.Medley/I Started A Joke
                 Happy Hour
                 Dark Globe
                 Brain Damage
                 She's Gone Mad Again
8.Life On Mars

The Soft Bulletin Companion (2 CD-R)
Bonus tracks, demo's, and song's from radio shows. Was never meant to be relased to the public.
Sound- A
CD 1 - Track List
CD 2 - Track List

White Christmas 2000 (1 CD-R)
Two track promo with two different versions of White Christmas.
Sound- A

1.White Christmas(Demo for Tom Waits)
2.White Christmas(Moogy Mallow Mix)

The Southern Oklahoma Cosmic Trigger Contest (Okie Noodling) (1 CD-R)
A three song soundtrack to a film called Okie Noodling, pretty cool stuff.
Sound- A

1.The Southern Oklahoma Cosmic Trigger Contest
2.Noodling Theme
3.At the Fish Fry and the Biggots Drunk


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