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Stowe Perf Arts Ctr - Stowe, VT 7/31/93 (2 CDRs)
This is my alltime favorite Almans show even though it has some flaws. It was recorded on a night were Dickey Betts was ill and John Popper filled in for him, doing many of Dickey's guitar solos with the harmonica. It gives the Allmans music a whole new perspective. I guess I like it so much becouse its different and more spontanious than most Allmans shows. Let me know what you think. Warren Haynes is on fire during this show trading licks with Popper. Great sound and song list.
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A+
Time:  disc 1: 62:33     disc 2: 62:02
Flaws: Skips between all songs
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Cover says Utah but it is Vermont
Disc I:
1) Statesboro Blues *
2) Stormy Monday *
3) All Night Train
4) You Don't Love Me *
5) Temptation Is A Gun *
6) Dreams
7) Midnight Rider
8) Melissa
9) Southbound 
 * w/John Popper, harp
Disc II:
1) The Same Thing
w/Danny Lewis
2) What's Done Is Done
3) Just Before The Bullets Fly
4) Gambler's Roll
5) In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
 w/Popper and Lewis
6) Whipping Post
w/Jimmy Herring for Dickey

Woodstock II '94 - Saugerties, NY 8/14/94 (1 CDR)
Snb Boot CD>CDR (US PPV TV special)
Sound: A-, sound is a little distant
Time:  disc 1: 70:12
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
Recording is missing Statesboro Blues & Midnight Rambler
Disc I: Electric
1) Blue Sky
2) The Same Thing  w/Duane Betts
3) Soulshine 
4) Jessica
5) No One To Run With 
6) Back Where It All Begins
7) One Way Out
8) Whipping Post

Live at the Beacon Theatre - New York 3/26/97 (2 CDRs)
Hi Energy, great sounding show. Chould be AUD recording but I can't tell.
Sound: A
Time:  disc 1: 69:56     disc 2: 73:02
Flaws: Skips between songs
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
Cover says last show with Warren and Allen. People have told me this is not true even though the ABB web chronology says its true. But I think they did play together until early summer.
Disc I: set I
1) Don't Want You No More ->
It's Not My Cross To Bear
2) Trouble No More
3) Ramblin' Man
4) Good Clean Fun
5) Hoochie Coochie Man
6) Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
7) Seven Turns
8) Stand Back
9) Jessica
Disc II: set II
1) You Don't Love Me *
2) I Know I Oughta Leave3) Blue Sky
3) End Of The Line
4) Stormy Monday
5) No One To Run With 
6) High Falls
7) One Way Out
* w/Duane Betts

IRSA Benefit Concert (Unplugged) - Los Angeles, CA - 6/11/92 (2 CDRs)
Fantastic sounding acoustic set by the bros
Snb Boot CD>.shn>CDR
Sound: A+
Time: 42:57
Flaws: .shn sourced small skips between songs
Kahuna's Rating:*****
1) Come On In My Kitchen
2) Seven Turns
3) Midnight Rider
4) Southbound
5) In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
6) Goin Down the Road
7) Melissa
8) Midnight Blues


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