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Live at Mama Kin Music Hall - Boston, MA. 12/19/94 (2 CDR)
Great show with many older songs Aerosmith doesn't seem to play these days. Hot jammin show with great sound
Sound: A+
Time  disc 1: 49:26    disc 2: 41:55
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Disc 1
1) Train Kept a Rollin
2) Same Old Song and Dance
3) Big 10 Inch Record
4) Walkin the Dog
5) Walkin on Water
6) Chip Away the Stone
7) Last Child
8) Rattlesnake Shack
9) One Way Street
Disc 2
1) Feels Like Christmas
2) Let the Music Do the Talkin
3) Walk This Way
4) Cryin
5) Mama Kin
6) Milk Town Blues
7) I'm Not Talkin
8) Toys in the Attic

One Way Street - Masonic Hall, Detroit, MI. 4/4/74 (1 CDR)
Great, hard rockin old Aerosmith show with a fantastic song list. The way us older folks remember them sounding. Has some sound problems but still very listenable.
Snb Great Dane Bood CD>CDR
Sound: A-
Time  disc 1: 75:40
Flaws: Mono sound wavers a bit, some channel intensity problems and sounds like it has had noise reduction done to reduce tape hiss that was present at one time
Kahuna's Rating:****
1) Write Me A Letter
2) Mama Kin
3) Lord of the Thighs
4) Woman of the World
5) Dream On
6) Pandora's Bpx
7) Same Old Song and Dance
8) One Way Street
9) Somebody
10) Train Kept A Rollin
11) Walkin the Dog
12) Milk Cow Blues

Millennium Countdown 2000- Osaka Dome Osaka, JPN 12/31/1999 (2 CDR)
Great show of todays Aerosmith  hits and some older ones. Fantastic high energy show with tremendous sound and a great song list.
Snb TV/Radio broadcast>CDR
Sound: A+
Time  disc 1: 57:59    disc 2:
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Disc I:
1) Intro (Roar of the Dragon
2) Eat the Rich
3) Falling in Love
4) Same Old Song and Dance
5) Love in an Elevator
6) Living on the Edge
7) Rag Doll
8) Dream On
9) Janie's Got a Gun
10) One Way Street
11) Big 10 Inch (Intro)/Pink
12) Let the Music do the Talking
Disc II:
1) Stop Messin Around
2) Mother Popcorn
3) Walk this way
4) I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
5) Cryin
6) Dude
7) Chip Away at the Stone
8) Mama Kin
9) Train Kept a Rollin
10) Countdown to 2000
11) Happy Birthday Tom
12) Full Circle
13) Sweet Emotion
14) Heartbreaker

Central Park - New York, NY 1975 (1 CDR)
More early Areosmith doing a high Energy King Biscuit Flower Hour show. Great SNB sound with commercials or with the Big Kahuna cutting them for ya.
Snb Radio broadcast>CDR
Sound: A
Time w/out commercials: 49:01
Flaws: None, some cuts between songs where commercials have been deleted
Kahuna's Rating:*****


The Ultimate Killer Show - Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PHiladelphia, PA 3/26/78 (2 CDR)
A mature Aerosmith putting on a great full show. Includes filler from the Central park, NY show
Sound is a little washed out, but better on the Central park show
Snb Radio broadcast>CDR
Sound: A
Time disc 1: 56:47    disc 2: 54:59
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****


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