The B&P Page
(Blanks and Postage)

This page is for all Newbies and others with nothing to trade.
Also I'll send you here if I'm busy and don't have time
for a full blown trade

I will do the following for DVD-Rs now also

I was a newbie once and got alot of help from some very nice people
and I try to return the favor as much as I can.
Heres how it works:

1) Send me up to (8) blanks. No extra plastic (jewel or slim line cases) they weigh to much, use tyvek covers. Its OK to send a couple extra blanks in case a burn fails.
2) One $4.60 aprox. prioirty mail stamp. Priority mail gives me all the shipping materials needed to return your discs. Please send no cash, I hate to wait in the line at the post office and I'll send your stuff back unburned without a priority mail stamp. For collectors from different countries you can send $10.00 U.S. cash, I cannot convert foreign money were I live.
3) A note with what you want burned on the discs and your mailing address!!!!!
I never keep e-mail messages and get way to many to keep track of anyway so if you send me your mailing address via e-mail, I'll throw it away and  I won't know where to send your package and I'll have to just keep it.

I'll burn your discs in the order I get the packages. The length of time depends on how many packages I have before you so don't be in a big hurry. Also all trades take priority over B&P's. You can download your covers or get setlists off my site, so theres no real reason to contact me via e-mail before you mail. One last thing, this process isn't perfect. Mail does get lost every so often, I really cannot guarantee your package and I don't use a tracking number but 99.9% of the time everything goes fine.

Mail to:
Robert Bachrach
5875 Capt. Vancouver DR.
Langley, WA. 98260

Please pass my good intentions on to other newbies, spread the music!!!

E-Mail Anytime