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We Belong To - Electric Ladyland Studios, NYC, NY 1993 (1 CDR)
Pat and her band jammin on the radio
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A
Time: 58:29
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****

Old Waldorf - San Francisco, CA. 8/15/80 (1 CDR)
A more complete show here where Pat and the band were in their prime. The bands bigger and tighter with more solos. The sound on this show is awsome, probably radio. I'm real happy I found this show
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A+
Time: 58:47
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
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1) I Need a Lover
2) Treat Me Right
3) I'm Gonna Follow You
4) Out of Touch
5) You Better Run
6) Hit me with Your Best Shot
7) In the Heat of the Night
8) Little Paradise
9) Heartbreaker
10) No You Don't
11) Hell is for Children
12) My Clone Sleeps Alone

Oakland Coliseum Arena - Oakland, CA. 1981 (1 CDR)
Great show when Pat was her biggest
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A-, some background hiss throughout the disc
Time: 74:20
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****

Live in New Haven - New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT. 1983 (1 CDR)
More from when Pat was big stuf. Very hot energetic show. I believe the source from this came from her live video. Great Snb sound
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A
Time: 59:32
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2

Live in Austin - Austin, TX 1980 (1 CDR)
A great show from a King Biscuit Flower hour radio disc. You can get it with or without commercials
Very good sound!!!!
Snb Radio show CD>CDR
Sound: A+
Time: 47:03
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****


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