The EARLY 1990's
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Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds
Jefferson Theatre, Charlottesville, VA. 5/27/93 (2 CDRs)
Great sounding audience recording of Dave and Tim doing an acoustic show together
These two are fantastic together, highly recomended by the Big kahuna!!!!
Sound: A
Time:  disc 1: 60:36    disc 2: 47:46
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****

Roseland Ballroom - New York, N.Y. 2/24/95 (3 CDRs)
Great sounding soundboard from Dave just entering the bands prime. With John Popper and Tray Anastasio sitting in for a couple songs. This recording is worth having just for the "Say Goodbye" with John Popper. Highly recomended by the Big Kahuna!!!
Sound: A
Time:  disc 1: 55:19    disc 2: 52:15
Flaws: Has breaks between songs
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Disc 1: 
1) Seek Up
2) Warehouse
3) What Would You Say
4) Say Goodbye *
5) Minarets
6) Typical Situation
7) Granny
* with John Popper
Disc 2: 
1) The Best of What's Around
2) All Along the Watchtower **
3) Recently
4) Two Step
5) Ants Marching
6) Pay For What You Get
7) Halloween
** with John Popper & Trey Anastasio

Live and Dreaming - Trax, Charlottesville, Virginia 1/26/93 (1 CDR)
Not a complete show but a great sounding soundboard of early Dave and the boys. Some great work by Boyd on this disc.
Sound: A
Time:  70:47
Flaws: Has breaks between songs
Kahuna's Rating:*****
DMB Tour Archive 1993: 1993 was a year of change for the Dave Matthews Band. In March, keyboardist Peter Greiser decided that he had had enough of the touring lifestyle and he left the band -- 03.23.93 was his last show. DMB continued to tour, hitting more spots along the east coast, and continuing with its weekly gigs at Trax on Tuesdays, and Flood Zone on Wednesdays. Many people consider 1993 to be the height of the band's improvisation.
1) Seek Up
2) #36
3) Dancing Nancies
4) Best of Whats Around
5) Rhyme and Reason
6) Jimi Thing
7) Recently
8) Water-Wine Jam
9) Ants Marching

Live at Ziggy's - Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, N.C. 8/12/94 (1 CDR)
Another uncomplete show but a great sounding soundboard of early Dave and the boys.
Sound: A
Time:  67:46
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
DMB Tour Archive 1994: 1994 is most memorable to tapers as The Year of the Death of the Soundboard Patch. DMB's first major label debut, Under the Table and Dreaming was released on RCA on 09.27.94, where it debuted at #34 on the charts. 1994 was what we at the DMBTA consider the band's finest year: they had comfortably adapted to the loss of Peter, and truly came into their own. Their relentless touring schedule precluded much time for Dave to concentrate on his songwriting;
The Song That Jane Likes
Tripping Billies
Say Goodbye
Two Step
The Best of What's Around
Rhyme & Reason
Jimi Thing
Dancing Nancies
Pay For What You Get

Swept Away - Compilation of different DMB music (1 CDR)
Fantastic sounding compilation of early DMB. Includes 1991 Promo sampler from Quad studios. This one has a fantastic Watchtower with J.Popper and Trey Anastasio playing along. Highly recomended
Dsnb & Daud>CDR
Sound: A+, Varies
Time:  70:45
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
1) What Would You Say *
2) Ants Marching *
3) Dancing Nancies *
4) Warehouse *
5) Song That Jane Likes **
6) Typical Situation **
7) Dancing Nancies **
8) Watchtower ***
9) You Are My Sanity ****
10) Proudest Monkey +
11) Come and See ++
12) Say Goodbye +++
13) Granny +++
* Dave and Tim Acoustic
2/22/94 Alexandria, VI
** 1991 Quad Studios
Promo Sampler
*** Roseland Ballroom NYC 2/24/95
**** Wetlands Preserve, NY 1/29/95
Tim Reynolds Solo
+ Eugene, OR 9/9/95
++ Colorado 11/20/95
+++ Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, N. C. 8/12/94

Get In Line - Compilation of songs from early 1995 (1 CDR)
More great 1995 snb music. This one has the same fantastic Watchtower with J.Popper & Trey as above. Swept Away sounds a little better
Sound: A
Time:  67:46
Flaws: Fade in and outs between songs
Kahuna's Rating:****
1) Get in Line
2) #36
3) Granny
4) Help Myself
5) Little Thing
6) True Reflections
7) Halloween
8) All Along the Watchtower *
9) Angel from Montgomery
10) You Are My Sanity
* w/ John Popper & Trey Anastasio

What You See - Georgia Theatre, Athens, Georgia 2/4/94 Second Set (1 CDR)
More great 1994 snb music. This is complete second set
Sound: A
Time:  72:44
Flaws: Has cuts between songs
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
1) Minarets (Scat Intro, Tomorrow Never Knows)
2) Typical Situation
3) The Song That Jane Likes
4) Jimi Thing
5) Granny
6) Dancing Nancies
7) Recently(Pretty Girl, Take Me To the River, Norwegian Wood, Tennessee)
8) Warehouse (Wild Thing)

Eat Drink and Be Marry - Unknown date (1 CDR)
Not sure where this recording came from but I kept becouse its got some great stuff on it with John Popper playing along. Must be from the 1995 era
Sound: A
Time:  70:11
Flaws: none
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
1) What Would You Say
2) Ants marching
3) Jimi Thing
4) Watchtower
5) Tripping Billies
6) Granny
7) Daning Nancies
8) Drive In, Drive Out
9) Two Step
10) Song That jane Likes
11) Help Myself
12) Rhyme and Reason


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