The LATE 1990's
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Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds
McAlister Auditorium - Greenville, S.C. 2/14/99 (3 CDRs)
Great sounding audience recording of Dave and Tim doing an acoustic show together
These two are fantastic together, highly recomended by the Big Kahuna!!!
Sound: A, some noticeable audience noise
Time:  disc 1:  55:31    disc 2: 58:52      disc 3: 61:01
Flaws: Cuts between songs, Listing on cover doesn't match discs
Kahuna's Rating:*****
An Overview of the Show:
The Valentine's Day show stood out for several reasons. The crowd was great - Dave complimented us on being nice and quiet. The guys were really into the show: amazing jams and a lot of joking by both Dave and Tim. TimmySpeak consisted of guitar effects, and I've never seen both of them laugh out soud so much. Even though the setlist was kinda repetitive from the nights before, the versions were spectacular. Saturday, I heard Wild Horses in Columbia at soundcheck; I knew it was due, and they did a beautiful rendition of it, with Dave on 12 string. In response to someone's "Song that Jane Likes!", Dave says, "she likes 'em all." The encore was dedicated to his sweetheart, who was in the house, and to all the couples: the tour's first Lover Lay Down. Beautiful. This show was solid all over. Timmy's second solo got a standing ovation: timmy used the repeating pedal effect and left the stage, with his guitar still filling the auditorium. it was insane. Dave talked a lot, again, but with few stories to speak of. A great show and a nice way to end one of the greatest weekends of my life: following Timmy and Dave.

Starwood Amphitheater - Antioch, TN. 8/7/98 (3 CDRs)
Fantastic show with good sound. Bela Fleck sits in. Crowd noise is kinda loud on this one.
AKG C480B + CK61>DA-P1>CDR   Turtle Tree #14
Sound: A
Time:  disc 1: 65:30    disc 2: 72:48      disc 3: 12:45
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
Disc 1: 
1) Seek Up
2) Pantala Naga Pampa / Rapunzel
3) Stay
4) One Sweet World 
5) Dancing Nancies
6) Warehouse


Disc 2:
1) Crush *
2) Pay For What You Get *
3) Don't Drink the Water *
4) The Stone *
5) Lie In Our Graves *
6) Satellite
7) Anyone Seen the Bridge/Too Much
8) Tripping Billies *
* with Bela Fleck
Say Goodbye

Alpine Valley Music Theatre - East Troy, WI 5/30/98 (2 CDRs)
Very nice sounding show from one of Daves greatest tours, one of the Big Kahuna's Favorites.
Daud, Unknown setup
Sound: A
Time:  disc 1: 68:21    disc 2: 72:25
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Disc 1:
1) Two Step
2) One Sweet World 
3) Pantala Naga Pampa/Rapunzel
4) Don't Drink the Water
5) Lover Lay Down
6) Stay *
7) Crush
* with Kornell Hargrove, Arlene Newson, and Robert Cornelius
Disc 2
1) The Last Stop 
2) Dave Talkin
3) Satellite
4) Dancing Nancies
5) Granny
6) The Stone -->
7) Drive In Drive Out
8) Tripping Billies 
9) Typical Situation
10) Ants Marching

Irvine Meadows - Irvine, CA 5/20/98 (2 CDRs)
More from the wonderful '98 tour with Bela and Jeff Coffin sitting in. This one also sounds very good for a Daud from a large venue. Highly recomended by the Big Kahuna!!!
Daud, Unknown setup
Sound: A
Time:  disc 1: 67:44    disc 2: 71:24
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****

Saratoga Performing Arts Center - Saratoga Springs, New York 7/26/98 (3 CDRs)
More '98 tour, sound is very mono on this one
AKG C480B>DA-P1_CDR 25th row Left of Center
Sound: A-
Time:  disc 1: 63:12    disc 2: 68:24   disc 3: 26:48
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****
Disc 1:
1) Lie In Our Graves
2) Pantala Naga Pampa/Rapunzel
3) Don't Drink the Water
4) Satellite
5) Stay
6) Dancing Nancies
7) Warehouse
Disc 2:
1) Seek Up
3) The Last Stop/Two Step
4) Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
5) Anyone Seen the Bridge/Too Much
Disc 3:
1) All Along the Watchtower
2) The Song That Jane Likes
3) Tripping Billies

Great Woods Amphitheater, Mansfield, MA 6/13/97 (2 CDRs)
Heres one from the '97 tour with Bela Fleck playing along. The Bela stuff on here is fantastic!!! Sound is very weak here, some distortion elimination was used and background sounds weird. Stick with the '98 shows unless your a real collector
Daud, unknown setup>Distortion elimination>CDR
Sound: A-
Time:  disc 1: 70:42    disc 2: 61:42
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****
Disc 1:
1) One Sweet World
2) The Best of What's Around
3) Two Step
4) Dancing Nancies
5) Crash Into Me *
6) Seek Up *
7) Lie In Our Graves *
* with Belf Fleck and Jeff Coffin
Disc 2:
1) Tripping Billies
2) Lover Lay Down
3) #41 *
4) So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
5) Too Much
6) Drive In, Drive Out
7) Leave Me Praying
8) Ants Marching *


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