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Live at the Filmore Oct. 23-24, 1970 (2 2 CDR Shows)
Awsome shows, These are the best boots available. Burned from original Tarantura discs
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A
Time  Oct. 23 show  disc 1: 67:48   disc 2: 48:33
Time  Oct. 24 show  disc 1: 56:06   disc 2: 52:40
Flaws: none, great sound
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Heres what Eric Clapton FAQ says about it:
Derek & The Dominos - Live At The Fillmore (Tarantura / SB6) This four-CD set captures Derek & The Dominos in two complete live shows at the Fillmore East in New York on 23 and 24 October 1970 (late shows). It ranks among the best boots ever issued. This two-show set rivals 1994's official release, Live At The Fillmore (originally titled Derek & The Dominos In Concert) for sound quality. The official release was culled from these two shows. Clapton's playing is amazing. All the songs you would expect EXCEPT "Layla". The reviewer from Where's Eric Magazine noted the following about this Tarantura release: "The one misnomer is the 'other' version of "Bottle of Red Wine", which on listening you find is the same version on both nights. One possible explanation is that in fact it wasn't performed on the second night, with Marc Roberty's book, The Complete Recording Sessions , listing it erroneously. Tarantura have noted its supposed existence and therefore, it is included for completeness sake. (The complete review is in Issue 18 of the magazine).Note that Fillmore Double Night (Mid Valley / SB6) is a reissue on Tarantura's sister label and is equally as good. According to Marc Roberty's book, Complete Recording Sessions 1963-1995, only the late shows at the Fillmore were recorded for possible release.  Note that almost every other Derek & The Dominos live recording that has surfaced is of inferior sound quality. Most likely, they are only of interest to completists.
CD 1 - 67:48  2nd show on 23/10/70
Got To Get Better In A Little While/Key To The Highway*/Tell The Truth/ Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad/Blues Power*/Have You Ever Loved A Woman*

CD 2 - 48:33  2nd show on 23/10/70
Bottle Of Red Wine/Presence of the Lord*/Little Wing/Let It Rain/Crossroads

CD 3 - 56:06  2nd show on 24/10/70
Got To Get Better In A Little While**/Blues Power/Have You Ever Loved A Woman/Key to the Highway/Tell the Truth**/Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out/

CD4 - 52:40  2nd show on 24/10/70
Let It Rain**/Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad**/Presence of the Lord**/Bottle Of Red Wine **/Roll It Over/Little Wing**

Both shows are complete.  * Previously unreleased officially;  ** Previously unreleased anywhere

On Stage - Delaney & Bonnie and Friends - Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, DEN 12/13/69 (1 CDR)
Very early Clapton w/ George Harrison
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A-
Time: 43:23
Flaws: none, scratchy sound
Kahuna's Rating:****
Heres what Eric Clapton FAQ says about it:
EC/Delaney Bramlett (Guitar, Vocals)/Bonnie Bramlett (Vocals)/Dave Mason (Guitar)/George Harrison (Guitar)/Bobby Whitlock (Organ, Vocals)/Carl Radle (Bass)/Jim Gordon (Drums)/Jim Price (Trumpet)/Bobby Keys (Sax)/Rita Coolidge (Vocals)/Tex Johnson (Percussion)
1) Poor Elijah & Robert Johnson Tribute
2) I Don't Know Why
3) Where There's a Will There's a Way
4) Special Life
5) I Don't Want to Discuss It
6) That's What My Man is For
7) Comin' Home
8) Little Richard Medley

Can't Find My Way Home - Blind Faith - Gothenburg 06/03/69(1 CDR)
Very early Clapton w/ George Harrison
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A/A-
Time: 60:47
Flaws: none, sound varies
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
Heres what Eric Clapton FAQ says about it:
EC/Rick Grech (Bass)/Steve Winwood (Keyboards)/Ginger Baker (Drums)
(1) Jam(1)
2) Can't Find My Way Home(2)
3) Well Alright(3)
4) Sleeping on the Ground(3)
5) Sea of Joy(3)
6) Under My Thumb(3)
7) Do What you Like(3)
8) Presence of the Lord(3)
(1) 1st studio session with Baker, Clapton, Winwood 1969
(2) alternative studio version - unreleased - 1969
(3) Live Gothenburg 06-03-69 (is this the correct date?)

Creme Live - The Grand, Detroit, Michigan on 10/15/67 (2 CDR)
Very Rough Recording with assorted filler thats pritty good
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A/A-
Time: Disc 1: 64:20   Disc 2: 51:43
Flaws: none, sound varies
Kahuna's Rating:****
Heres what Eric Clapton FAQ says about it:
EC/Jack Bruce (Bass)/Ginger Baker (Drums)
no covers available
Disc I:
1) Tales of Brave Ulysses
2) NSU
3) Sitting on Top of the World
4) Sweet Wine/
5) Rollin' and Tumbling
6) Spoonful


Disc II:
1) Steppin' Out/Traintime
2) Toad (cut)
3) Lawdy Mama *
4) Meet Me *
5) Crossroads *
6) Steppin Out *
7) Lawdy Mama **
8) Falstaff Beer Commercial (long Version)***
9) Sunshine of Your Love ****
10) Take it Back *****
* Klook's Creek W. Hampton 12/15/66
** Atlantic Studios NY 7/67
*** 7/67
**** Atlantic Studios NY 9/67
***** BBC Top Gear 10/29/67

The Unsurpassed Eric Clapton -  The Delaney Mix of Eric's first solo album. (1 CDR)
This is the "Delaney Mix" of Clapton's first solo album. Infinitely better than the official release, it has been said that Clapton himself prefers this version. His guitar is much more prominent in the mix. The disc also contains two alternate takes of "Lonesome And A Long Way From Home" and "Don't Know Why". Three mixes of this album exist and all are different. Clapton did the third mix and has said he did a poor job of it. Tom Dowd mixed the official release.
Snb Boot CD>CDR  Yellow Dog - YD 022
Sound: A+
Time: 49:12
Flaws: None, great sound
Kahuna's Rating:****
All tracks recorded during 1/70 apart from last 2 tracks, which were recorded at Olympic Studios, London sometime in 11/69.
EC/Delaney Bramlett (Guitar, Vocals)/Bonnie Bramlett (Vocals)/ Rita Coolidge (Vocals)/Sonny Curtis (Vocals)/Jerry Allison (Vocals)/Dave Mason (Guitar)/Jim Price (Trumpet)/Bobby Keys (Sax)/ Leon Russell (Piano)/Bobby Whitlock (Organ, Vocals)/Carl Radle (Bass)/Jim Gordon (Drums)
Note that Delaney is written and "Delany" on the cover.
2) Bad Boy
3) Lonesome and a Long Way from Home
4) After Midnight
5) Blues Power
6) Bottle of Red Wine
7) Lovin' You Lovin' Me
8) Told You for the Last Time
9) Don't Know Why
10) Let It Rain
11) Easy Now
12) Lonesome and a Long Way from Home
13) Don't Know Why

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