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The 100th Show - Royal Albert Hall, London, Eng. 2/28/94 (2 CDRs)
Big show doing many great hits. Fantastic sound on this one
Snb Boot CD>CDR  Live Storm - LSCD 52578 - 4
Sound: A
Time:  disc 1:  59:24    disc 2: 64:11
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Heres what the Eric Clapton-FAQ says:
EC/Chris Stainton (Keyboards)/Andy Fairweather-Low (Guitar)/David Bronze (Bass)/Richie Hayward (Drums)/Jerry Portnoy (Harmonica)/Katie Kissoon (Vocals)/Maggie Ryder (Vocals)/Roddy Lorimer (Trumpet)/
Tim Sanders (Sax)/Simon Clarke (Sax)
Disc I
1) Terraplane Blues
2) Come in My Kitchen
3) Malted Milk
4)How Long
5) Kidman Blues
6) County Jail Blues
7) 44 Blues
8) Standin' Around Cryin'
9) Going Away
10) Blues All Day Long
11) Hoochie Coochie Man
12) Hurts Me Too
13) Blues Before Sunrise
14) Someday After a While
15) Tore Down
16) White Room
Disc II
1) Badge
2) Wonderful Tonight
3) Stone Free
4) Circus Left Town
5) Tears in Heaven
6) Five Long Years
7) Tearing usApart
8) Crossroads
9) Groaning the Blues
10) Layla
11) Ain't Nobody's Business


Blues Night - Royal Albert Hall, London, Eng. 2/25/91 (2 CDR)
This Royal Albert Hall blues show from 25 February 1991 was broadcast live on BBC Radio 1. Even though this is an excellent soundboard, the playing doesn't live up to the 1990 blues shows but it still makes the "essentials" list. Musical collaborators were Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, and Jerry Portnoy. Clapton lets it rip on gems from his Bluesbreakers days, such as "Hideaway" and "All Your Love".
Snb Boot CD>CDR  Star Records - STAR 2
Sound: A+, Probably the best sounding boot I own
Time:  disc 1:  73:24    disc 2: 73:51
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Heres what the Eric Clapton-FAQ says:
EC/Robert Cray (Guitar, Vocal)/Buddy Guy (Guitar, Vocal)/Albert Collins (Guitar, Vocal)/Jimmy Vaughan (Guitar)/Jerry Portnoy (Harmonica)/Johnnie Johnson (Piano, Vocal)/Chuck Leavell (Keyboards)/Greg Phillinganes (Keyboards)/Joey Spampinato (Bass)/Jamie Oldaker (Drums)
This CD competes with "Influential Blues" for most title errors on the cover
Disc I:
1) Watch Yourself
2) Hoodoo Man
3) Hideaway
4) Standing Around Crying
5) All Your Love
6) Have You Ever Loved a Woman
7) That's Alright
8) Key To The Highway
9) Wee Wee Baby
10) Tanqueray
11) Johnnie's Boogie
12) Tired Man
Disc II:
1) Mother In Law Blues
2) Black Cat Bone
3) I Feel So Good
4) Reconsider Baby
5) Stranger Blues
6) Hoochie Coochie Man
7) Little by Little
8) My Time After A While
9) Sweet Home Chicago


Blues From the Heart - The Fillmore, San Francisco 7/11/94 (2 CDRs)
These discs are a compilation from shows recorded on 7, 8 and 9 November 1994. Songs are not in their original order and are missing a second or two from their beginning or end, but this is barely noticeable. Additional cuts not in the PBS-aired special are included. It is worth getting this show just for a fantastic "Five Long Years", and a truly outstanding "How Long Blues". Lots of Acoustic along with electric blues
Snb Boot CD>CDR  Parrot Records - PAR-3004-A/B
Sound: A
Time:  disc 1: 57:04     disc 2: 42:50
Flaws: None, some back ground crackling and waivering sound on disc 1 keep this from a great A+
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
Heres what the Eric Clapton-FAQ says:
EC/Dave Bronze (Bass)/Andy Newmark (Drums)/Simon Clarke (Saxophone)/Andy Fairweather-Low (Guitar)/Roddy Lorimer (Trumpet)/Tim Sanders (Saxophone)/Chris Stainton (Keyboards)/Jerry Portnoy (Harmonica)
The source of this CD is a pro-shot video that is in wide circulation.
Disc I:
1) Motherless Child
2) Malted Milk
3) How Long Blues
4) Kidman Blues
5) County Jail
6) .44
7) Blues Leave Me Alone
8) Standin' Around Crying
9) Hoochie Coochie Man
10) It Hurts Me Too
11) Blues Before Sunrise
12) Third Degree
13) Reconsider Baby
14) Sinner's Prayer
15) Can't Judge Nobody
Disc II:
1) Someday After a While
2) Tore Down
3) Have You Ever Loved a Woman
4) Crosscut Saw
5) Five Long Years
6) Crossroads/
7) Groaning the Blues
8) Ain't Nobody's Business


The Circus Has Left Town - Brighton Centre, Eng. 1/2/92 (2 CDRs)
The people at KTS liked this show so much they released it twice! The AMCOS release is sold as two separate CDs. This is a good audience recording that is a warm-up show for the annual Royal Albert Hall run. Recorded on 1 February 1992, Clapton is amazing on the first three songs: "Anything For Your Love", "Pretending", and "I Shot The Sheriff." It also features the first concert performances of "Tears In Heaven", "Circus", "My Father's Eyes" (plugged), and a rare performance of "Signe". Note that the audio level drops a bit during the acoustic numbers. Some say this set contains the ultimate version of "Layla".
Snb Boot CD>CDR   Kiss The Stone - KTS202/3 - 4
Sound: A+
Time:  disc 1: 64:14     disc 2: 68:30
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Heres what the Eric Clapton-FAQ says:
EC/Chuck Leavell (Keyboards)/Andy Fairweather-Low (Guitar)/
Nathan East (Bass)/Steve Ferrone (Drums)/Ray Cooper (Percussion)/
Tessa Niles (Vocals)/Katie Kissoon (Vocals)
Disc I:
1) Anything For Your Love
2) Pretending
3) I Shot the Sheriff
4) Running On Faith
5) My Father's Eyes
6) She's Waiting
7) Circus Left Town
8) Tears in Heaven
9) Signe
10) Before You Accuse Me
Disc II:
1) Old Love
2) Badge
3) Wonderful Tonight
4) Tearing Us Apart
5) Layla
6) Crossroads
7) Sunshine of Your Love
8) Drum Solo

Play With Fire - Royal Albert Hall, London, ENG. 02/17/91 (2 CDRs)
This is a complete nine-piece band performance from the Royal Albert Hall run from 17 February 1991. This absolutely flawless soundboard recording is one of the best Clapton boots ever released a perfect show from lights down to lights up. Several tracks from the BBC Radio 1 master tape were used on 24 Nights. Lots of great unreleased tracks can still be heard on this set. It gets no better than this!
Snb Boot CD>CDR   Blues Power - 3003-1945-002
Sound: A+
Time:  disc 1: 73:03     disc 2: 67:18
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Heres what the Eric Clapton-FAQ says:
EC/Steve Ferrone (Drums)/Nathan East(Bass)/Chuck Levell (Keyboards)/Greg Phillinganes(Keyboards)/Ray Cooper (Percussion)/Tessa Niles(Vocals)/Katie Kissoon (Vocals)
Disc I:
1) Intro
2) Pretending
3) No Alibis
4) Running on Faith
5) I Shot the Sheriff
6) White Room/
7) Can't Find My Way Home
8) Bad Love
9) Before You Accuse Me
10) Old Love
Disc II:
1) Badge
2) Wonderful Tonight
3) Cocaine
4) Layla
5) Crossroads
6) Sunshine of Your Love


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