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This page is setup for trading of DVDs, CDRs and VCDs of Rock, Blues and Jazz bands.
I also have videos of sporting events and old television shows not for sale commercially

No money accepted for any trade.
I am currently trading music just for video material unless you have a
tremendious blues or southern rock CDR list (no analog tapes) 

That means no CDR trades for me at the moment, go to the B&P page if theres anything you'd like
** If your new to my page please go to the B&P section first **



"Kahuna's Catagories"
All my CDRs are collected through the TRADING of DVD-Rs, CDRs, DATs, Analog Tapes and Video Tapes sense I'm not a taper.  I try to list all shows where I can with taping & mastering equipment and generation info. The Good Stuff category are ones that are my favorites or great collector items, I try to point out all flaws as well as give a run down on each show. Most of these boots are from European imports sources and I have jewel case covers and setlists for many of them. The text files contain all CDRs available but some have not been listened to for flaws. You can access each show through both lists, covers and setlists reside on the page were the show is listed.
Feel free to contact me anytime if you want an update on a DVD's or CDR's quality.