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The Ritz Power Jam - Ritz, NYC, NY 2/5/93  (3 CDR)
Warren Haynes, John Popper, Noel Redding, Leland Schliefer, Bernie Worrell, Jaimoe, Jerome Bailey, Marc Quinones plus extra guests get together for a big blues show. Doesn't get any better than this one.
Sound: A+
Time  disc 1: 56:41    disc 2: 73:28      disc 3: 61:31
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Disc I: 1st Set: 
1) Chicken Shack> Born Under A Bad Sign+
2) Improv jam
3) Let It Rock+
4) Improv Blues in G++
5) She Caught The Katie++
6) Down The Road+++
7) Mess Of The Blues+++
8) Little Wing+
9) Day Tripper++++
Disc II: 1st Set
1) Escaping++, 
2) Hey Joe+
2nd Set: 
3) Hip Hug Her
4) Rock Me Baby++>
5) In The Night?+++
6) Red House+*
7) Yonder Wall+*,
8) She Belongs To Me+++
9) Not Fade Away+++
10) That's Heaven To Me+++
Disc III: 2nd Set
1) Just Before The Bullets Fly+
2) I've Been Loving You Too Long+
3) Spanish Moon+++++**
4) All Along The Watchtower***++++++
5) Gloria++#> Thank You (For Letting Me Be Myself)**#> Gloria++#


 +Warren Haynes on vocals
 ++John Popper on vocals
 +++Noel Redding on vocals
 ++++Noel Redding, John Popper & Warren Haynes on vocals
 +++++Warren Haynes & Trey Anastasio on vocals & guitars
 ++++++Dave Matthews & John Popper on vocals
 *w/Dave Tronzo on slide guitar
 ***w/The Dave Matthews Band & Trey Anastasio on guitar
 #w/Trey Anastasio on guitar & Mike Gordon on bass

The Floyd Zone - Richmond VA.  4/27/93  (2 CDR)
Openning night show for Warren and his new band. Hot hard jammin show. Lots of different stuff from Warren
Sound: A+
Time  disc 1: 72:35    disc 2: 65:08
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****
Disc I:
1) Tear Me Down
2) Movers & Shakers
3) Invisible
4) Power & The Glory
5) I'll Be The One
7) Fire In The Kitchen
8) Blue Radio
9) Angel City, 
10) Tattoos & Cigarettes
11) Sammy
Disc II:
1) Sister Justice
2) The Same Thing
3) --Encore--
4) Gambler's Roll
5) Just Before The Bullets Fly
6) Born Under A Bad Sign
7) I Ain't Superstitious
8) Spanish Moon

Solo Acoustic - Atomic Studio, Clinton, NJ  6/26/97 Early show (1 CDR)
Warren Acoustic Solo. Fantastic show, some songs are totally great. The best acoustic show I have
"Before You Came" and "Indian Sunset" are to die for
Sound: A (should be A+ except for flaws)
Time: 66:39
Flaws: Some noticeable skips/scratchs
Kahuna's Rating:*****
No Cover Available
1) The Big Muddy
2) Panonica’s Dream
3) End Of The Line
4) Before You Came
5) Goin' Down Slow
6) Loaded Dice
7) Indian Sunset
8) Gambler's Roll
9) Sad & Deep As You
10) Soulshine
11) I'll Be The One
12) Grinnin'
Filler - From the late show
13) Old Friend

The 11th Annual Christmas Jam - Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC 12/22/99 (4 CDR)
More Special Warren shows. Fantastic stuff with many guests like Edwin McCain, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi doing their own short sets
Sound: A, an excellent A
Time  disc 1: 41:50    disc 2: 63:07      disc 3: 69:12    disc 4: 74:25
Flaws: None, some cuts between songs due to cutting out of dead time
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Song list on insert doesn't match discs, see listing below the covers
Disc I: Warren Haynes/Eddie McCain
1) Intro
2) The Big Muddy*
3) I'll be the One*
4) Beautiful Life**
5) Diamond Ring**
6) Were Alive***
7) Solitude***
8) I'll Be***
* w/Jimmy Herring, guitar
** w/Jimmy and Col. Bruce Hampton, vocals
*** w/Jimmy , Col and Susan Tedeschi, vocals


Disc 2: Derek Trucks Band
1) Intro
2) 2 Min Jam>
3) Rasta Man
4) Chicken Strut
5) Lake*
6) Yield Not>**
7) Love Light***
8) Ain't That Lovin You+
9) Giddy Up++
10) Just Won't Burn+++
11) Little By Little++++
* w/Jimmy Herring, guitar
** w/Jimmy and Col. Bruce Hampton, vocals
*** w/Jimmy, the Col and Susan Tedeschi, vocals
+ w/Jimmy & Larry McCain, guitar vocals
++ w/Larry McCain, guitar vocals
+++ w/Susan Tedeschi, guitar vocals
++++ w/Jimmy and Susan Tedeschi, guitar vocals
Disc 3: Susan Tedeschi
1) Angel From Montgomery
2) Don't Think Twice Its Alright
3) A Waste of Time
4) Goodnight Louise
Cry Of Love Band
5) Intro
6) Pritty as You Please
7) Peace Pipe
8) I Thank You*
Government Mule
9) Intro
10) Mule
11) Thorazine Shuffle
12) Bad Little Doogie
13) Lay Your Burden Down**
14) Fallen Down**
* w/Warren Haynes, guitar vocals
** w/Johnny Neal, keyboards
Disc 4: Government Mule
1) 30 Days in the Holes*
2) Devil Likes It Slow**
3) Spoonful***
Government Mule & Little Milton
4) When the Blues Come Knockin' +
5) I Can't Quit You +
6) Marry Christmas Baby ++
7) It Hurts Me Too ++
8) Crowd
9) Soulshine +++
* w/Johnny Neal, keyboards, Kelli Holland, vocals &
Audley Freed, guitar
** w/Johnny Neal, keyboards & Jimmy Herring, guitar
*** w/Johnny Neal, keyboards, Mike Barnes, guitar,
Yonrico Scott, percussion, Col Bruce hampton, vocals
+ w/Johnny & Yonrico
++ w/Johnny, Yonrico, Paul Riddle, drums, 
Derek Trucks, guitar & Susan Tedeschi, vocals
+++ w/Johnny, Yonrico, Larry McCray, guitar vocals,
Derek Turcks, guitar & Jason Patterson, percussion

The 12th Annual Christmas Jam - Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC 12/21/00 (5 CDR)
The Annual Cristmas Jam is getting bigger each year!!!!
This show is why we collect live music. You could never buy anything like this in the store
Totally awsome music throughout the whole show
Sound: A, an excellent A
Time  disc 1: 54:01    disc 2: 68:17      disc 3: 76:26    disc 4: 67:18    disc 5: 57:20
Flaws: None,
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Use note page as inside fron cover


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