The Henry Paul Band

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Tuscon, AZ. 1980 (1 CDR)
Compilation of a few different sources but mainly the Tucson, AZ 1980 King Biscuit Flower Hour show.
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A
Time: 47:03
Flaws: Some cuts betwen songs and one from different sources during song 2
Kahuna's Rating:****

Hara Arena - Dayton, OH 1981 & The Roxy - L.A. CA. 1981 (1 CDR)
More KBFH shows, The sound on the Dayton, OH. show is excellent
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A+/A
Time: 78:23
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2

New York City - NY, CA 8/13/79 (1 CDR)
More of the country side of the Outlaws
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A-
Time: 49:00
Flaws: Some cuts between sings
Kahuna's Rating:****


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