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Live at B.B. King's - Memphis, TN. 1/11/96 (1 CDR)
Scorch'n Guitar Blues
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A+
Time: 58:44
Flaws: Some cuts between songs where it sounds like commercials were cut out
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2

Winterland Park, CO. 7/16/00 (2 CDR)
More Scorch'n Guitar Blues. KBCO Radio broadcast
Includes Indigous filler from Las Vegas 8/11/99
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A+
Time: disc 1: 59:57   disc 2: 53:44
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****

Live at the House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV. 11/99 (1 CDR)
More Scorch'n Guitar Blues from the radio.
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A
Time: 72:45
Flaws: cuts between songs, some static on one song
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2

Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA. 1/11/96 (1 CDR)
Raising Star KFOG Radio Show - Hot Guitar Blues
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A-
Flaws: Small Channel Intensity Problems - Small Amount of Tape Hiss, Some fade outs between songs - sounds like commercials cut out.
Kahuna's Rating:****
1) Ledbetter Heights 
2) Introductions 
3) Everybodys Got the Blues 
4) Born with a Broken Heart 
5) Shame, Shame, Shame 
6) Onn Foot on the Path 
7) Aberdeen 
8) Deja Voodoo 
9) Iím Leaving You 
10) While we Cry 
11) Voodoo Chile 

Multiplicity - 4/3/96 (2 CDR)
Great Early Kenny Wayne
Aud Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A
Time: disc 1: 58:50    disc 2: 51:21
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
No Cover Available
Disc I:
1) Ledbetter Heights
2) Everybody Gets the Blues
3) What's Going Down
4) Shame, Shame, Shame
5) One Foot on the Path
6) Ridin Midnight
7) Riverside
8) Aberdeen
9) Born with a Broken Heart
Disc II:
1) I'm Leavin You
2) While We Cry
3) Voodoo Chile
4) Deja Voodoo
5) Tell me What It's All About
6) Let me Up, I've Has Enough
7) One Foot on the Path


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