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More Covers
Pause Record
CD Cover Central (This is the one)
Covers Archive
Cover World
CD Covers Resource
Setlist Archive
Eric Clapton Allman Brothers Band
Eric Clapton FAQ
Eric Clapton Bootography
The Slowhand Trade Center
Eric Clapton CD and Video Reviews
Slowhand Net
Hitting the Web W/Allman Brothers
ABbase (setlists)
Mushroom Express
Trade Base
Bruce Springsteen Neil Young
The Boots Bruce Springsteen
Brucelegs Discography
The Top 50 Live Shows
Boot Camp
Lucky Town Mailing List
Bruce Base (setlists)
Bruce Cover Art Webring
Even More Covers (this is the one)
Bruce Webring


Rust List (International Community)
Human Highway (Mail List & More)
Rust Tape Trees
Human Highway Tape Trees
Sugar Mountain Set Lists
Neil CDR Covers (Best Site)
CD Artwork Links
Phil's Neil Young Artwork
Artwork Archives (covers)
More Covers
Led Zepplin Frank Zappa
Project Ballentine (J-cards & CDR Covers)
Led Zepplin Mail List (Badge Holders)
Led Zepplin Traders
Pressed Led
Air Raid 2000
Son of the Bootleg FAQ
St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage
FZ Frequently Asked Questions
The FZ Shows document (setlists) FAQ
Zappa Quote Of The Day
Van Morrison Pink Floyd
The Van Morrison Wesite -
(everything you need for Van)
Pink Floyd RoIO Database
Pink Floyd Covers
Elton John Government Mule
Elton's Boot CDs
Hercules Fan site
Pictures Sites
Mule Barn
Mule Base
Mule Covers
Mule. Net
Dave Mathews Band Jethro Tull
DMB Setlist Warehouse Collecting Tull
Phish SRV
Official Page
Phish. Net Helping Phriendly Book (setlists)
Etree.Org (download shows)
Phish Farm (mail list)
People foe a Clearer Phish
SRV Imports
Texas Flood Radio
Texas Flood Covers (best cover site)
SRV on the Internet
More Covers Here
Jackson Browne Thin Lizzy
Jackson Browne Trading Page Thin Lizzy Discography
Bob Dylan Van Halen
Photo Page
The Unofficial Bob Dylan
Free Tape Library (Analog)
Bob Dylan Bootleg CD Artwork Archive 
Van Halen Bootleg Discography
Van Halen FAQ
Van Halen Links
Steely Dan Rory Gallagher
Steely Dan Discography (includes Boots)
Steely Dan Concert Dates (setlists)
Bootleg Lists
Rory On
Wide Spread Panic Trees & Trading Sites
Digital Panic
Spread Web
Everyday Companion (setlists)
The Sandbox (For Traders)
Wide Spread Panic . Com
Tape Trader Network
Jam Central Station
Doo & Sue's Web Site
The Land of Live and Rare Recordings
Resources for Tape and Disc Traders
CCR Johnny Winter
CCR-Tribute Page J.Winter Story (boot info)
Lou Reed Sports
RocknRoll Animal (bootlegs)
Wild Side of Lou Reed
Sports Trips
Misc & Personal Sites Artwork & Photo Sites
CDR Forum
CD Dimensions (CDR blanks)
CDR Outlet (CDR Blanks)
XDR2.Com (Jewel cases)
Syntrillium (Cool Edit)
Exact Audio Copy (ripping software)
CDR Web Ring
DAT Web Ring
Web Ring Hub
Astro Jams
Collector's Shop
Live365 Radio
Yahoo Groups
Santa Barbara Comp Fair
Great Cover Artwork pages
Rolling Stone Photos
Concert Posters.Com
All the Themes You Want
R&R Hall of Fame
.SHN Trading
SHN Resources
Digitalbits - Rumormill
Ken Cranes
DTS Online
Deep Discount DVD


Video Mastering Stuff DBS Stuff
Is It Safe To Master CDRs at 12x?
Read About It Here
VCD Discussion Forum
Another Forum
DVDzzzz (VCD)
AVS Forum
PC Photo Video (Great Mpeg2 How-to)
CD Recordable.Com (DVD-R Media)
DVD Ripping Guide
EZ DVD Advisor
DVD Creation
Sonic Blue
My Replay TV
Funny Dreams
DBS Forum
Digital Products
Digital Connections
Need A Dish
X-10 Info
Home Controls
Smart Home
Home Automation Net
X-10 Ideas
DSL Ideas
Speed Guide

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