The Flaming Lips

This page is my Flaming Lips live shows, the links take you to other Flaming Lips pages. This page is orginized so the older the show the higher on the page it is and so the more recent the show the lower on the page.

Flaming Lips Video's
Rare Stuff
Thurston's-Chicago-2/19/1994 (1 CD-R)
Sound- B
1.Mountain Side
2.What's The New Mary Jane
3.Moth in The Incubator
5.Halloween On The Barbary Coast
6.Rainin' Babies
7.Take Meta Mars
8.The Jets
9.Hit Me Like The First Time
10.She Don't Use Jelly
11.Let Me Be It
13.Unconsciously Screamin' 
14.Divine Hammer

Says "Sweet Jesus... It's The Lords of Love Noise" (1 CD-R)
A combination of two shows, the first 9 tracks are from a 3-04-1995 in Hollywood, tracks 10-14 are from a 11-18-1994 show in
Sound: A-
Time: 74:17

1.Turn It On
2.Hit Me Like You Did The First Time 
3.Unconsciously Screaming
4.Bad Days
5.Moth In The Incubator
7.She Don't Use Jelly
8.Chewin' The Apple Of Your Eye
9.Wonderful World
10.When You're 22
11.Unconsciously Screaming
12.Halloween On The Barbary Coast
13.What's The New Mary Jane?
14.Under Pressure

The Masquerade-Atlanta GA.-4/10/2000 (1 CD-R)
A great show from right after The Soft Bulletin was released, good
tracks from The Soft Bulletin and Zaireeka.
Sound: B+
1.Wonderful World Intro
2.Race For The Prize
3.Riding To Work in The Year 2025
4.Thirty-five Thousand Feet of Despair
5.Feeling Yourself Disintergrate
6.Sleeping on The Roof
7.She Don't Use Jelly
8.Slow Nerve Action
9.Somewhere Over The Rainbow
10.Lightning Strikes The Postman
11.Waitin For Superman
12.What Is The Light?
13.When You Smile
14.The Spark That Bled

Yoshimi Wins+Set From 11/25/02 Universal City (1 CD-R)
The best 8 tracks from a whole host of radio shows, and the seven
tracks from when they were opening for Beck at the Universal
Sound: A+

1.Do You Realize
2.Cant Get You Out Of My Head
3.Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt.1
4.The Golden Age
5.Knives Out
6.Waitin' For A Superman
7.In The Mourning of the Magicians
8.White Christams
9.Race For The Prize
10.Fight Test
11.Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robot Pt.1
12.Lightning Strikes The Postman
13.She Don't Use Jelly
14.Thirty-five Thousand Feet of Despair
15.Do You Realize



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