Tom Waits

Ebbets Field - Denver - 10/08/1974 (1 CD-R)
A Cd with 12 tracks from a show at Ebbets field plus a filler from a Denver show from 1975 that has 8 tracks.
Sound: A-
Time: 75:31

1.I Hope That I dont Fall In Love With You
2.San Diego Serenade
3.Good Night Loving Trail
4.Diamonds On My Winshield
5.Ice Cream Man
6.Please Call Me Baby
7.Better Off Without A Wife
8.The Ghost Of Saturday Night
9.Big Joe & The Phantom 309
10.Truck Driving Man
11.Ol' "55
12.On A Foggy Night
14.Eggs & Sausages
15.New Coat of Paint
16.Night Hawk Postcards
17.Looking For The Heart of Saturday Night
18.Ice Cream Man
19.San Diego Serenade
20.Ol' "55

McCabe's Guitar Shop- Los Angeles Ca. - 01/31/1975 (1 CD-R)
Super sounding recording with some of Toms best songs
Sound- A+

1.Diamonds On My Windshield
3.San Diego Serenade
4.Drunk On The Moon
5.On A Foggy Night
7.The Heart Of Saturday Night
8.Fumblin' With The Blues
9.Nighthawk Postcards
10. Ol' '55
11.Big Joe & Phantom 309

Invitation To The Blues - Bremen, Germany. 4/26/1977 (1 CD-R)
Sound- A

1.Spare Parts
3.Depot, Depot
4.Piano Has Been Drinking
5.Pasties and A G-String
6.Step Right Upp
7.Semi Suite
8.Fumblin With The Blues
9.Midnight Lullaby
10.Emotional Weather Report
11.Get Off Work
12.New Coat Of Paint
13.Diamonds On My Winshield
14.One That Got Away
15.Small Change

Bridge School Gravels - Mountain View, CA. - 11/30/1999 (1 CD-R)
Excellent quality radio show from Neil Young Bridge School benefit. Also has 4 tracks from a KCRW radio show (3/31/98), and it has three tracks from the Dead Man Walking soundtrack.
Sound- A+

1.Gun Street Girl
2.Jockey Full of Bourbon
3.Hold On
4.Chocolate Jesus
5.Sixteen Shells from a Thirty-Odd-Six
6.Tango Till They're Sore
7.Innocent When You Dream
8.The Tom Traubert's Blues
9.Fall of Troy
10.Philipino Bow Spring Hog
11.Back In The Good Old World
12.I Can't Wait To Get Out Of Work
13.Walk Away and Start Over Agine
14.Gun Street Girl
15.Fall Of Troy


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