Belle and Sebastian

Une Nuit A Paris - Paris- 11/12/1998 (1 CD-R)
A good show where they play many of there best songs.
Sound- B

1.The Boy Done Wrong Agine
2.Dog On Wheels
3.Seeing Other People
4.Century Of Fakers
5.I Know Where The Summer Goes
7.The Wrong Girl
8.Dirty Dream #2
9.Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son
10.Slow Graffiti
11.I Don't Love Anymore
12.Sleep The Clock Around

The Supper Club - New York City - 11/02/1998 (1 CD-R)
Sound- B+

1.The State That I am In
2.Belle and Sebastian
3.Slow Graggiti
4.Chick Factor
5.She's Losing It
6.Lord Anthony
7.Turn Turn Turn
8.We Rule The School
9.It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career
10.Photo Jenny
11.The Boy Done Wrong Again
12.The Loneliness of a Middle Distance Runner
13.Seymour Stein
15.Paper Boat
16.Simple Things
17.Is It Wicked Not To Care
18.Dog On Wheels
19.Seeing Other People
20.The Boy With The Arab Strap
21.I Know Where The Summer Goes
22.Dirty Dreams #2

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