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Down by the River - Compilation of 1984-1985 Tour (2 CDR)
Country Neil,  Not my favorite but if your into it (country sound) there are some real classics here. A true must have with great sound for the lover of country Neil.
Sound: A
Time: disc 1: 56:29    disc 2: 64:55
Flaws: troublesome cuts between songs
Kahuna's Rating:***
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, harmonica, Ben Keith - pedal steel guitar, vocals, Anthony Crawford - guitar, banjo, fiddle, vocals, Rufus Thibodeaux - fiddle, Spooner Oldham - piano, Tim Drummond - bass, Karl T. Himmel - drums Larry Cragg - autoharp, Joel Bernstein - guitar
Disc 1
1. Hawks & Doves 
2. Comes A Time 
3. Bound For Glory 
4. Are There Any More Real Cowboys ?
5. Good Phone 
6. Heart Of Gold 
7. Amber Jean 
8. Roll Another Number 
9. Love Is A Rose 
10. Southern Pacific 
11. The Needle And The Damage Done
12. Helpless 
13. California Sunset
Disc 2
1. It Might Have Been 
2. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
3. Soul Of A Woman 
4. Field Of Opportunity 
5. Old Man 
6. Powderfinger 
7. Get Back To The Country
8. Four Strong Winds 
9. Down By The River


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