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Harrah Arena - Dayton, Ohio 9/18/83 (1 CDR)
Some great mellow stuff, some horn stuff, some electronic stuff and fantastic sound for a Neil Aud recording
Aud Boot CD>CDR   The Concert Series TCS-CD-009
Sound: A
Time: 45:55
Flaws: None, not the complete show
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica, vocoder, Ben Keith - guitar, alto saxophone, Larry Byron - piano, trumpet, vocals, Anthony Crawford - guitar, vocals, Rick Palombi - vocals, Craig Hayes - baritone saxophone, Tim Drummond - bass, Karl T. Himmel - drums, Larry Cragg - drums, banjo,pedal steel guitar, Pegi Young - vocals, Inez Bongiorn - vocals, Connie Simmons - vocals, Rosemary Lovell - vocals
   1.Heart Of Gold 
   2.Old Man 
   5.Don't Be Denied 
   6.I Got A Problem 
   7.Mr. Soul 
   8.Payola Blues 
   9.Get Gone 
  10.Don't Take Your Love Away From Me 
  11.Do You Wanna Dance? 


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