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Centerstage - Channel 11 Studios, Chicago, IL. 11/17/92 (2 CDR)
This two-disc set presents Neil's entire Center Stage solo performance, taped November 17, 1992, at Channel 11 studios in Chicago and later broadcast on VH1 and PBS. Very layed back acoustic show almost mystical, a fantastic "Like a Hurricane" played with his old pipe organ.
Snb Gold Standard Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A, sound scratchy at times but very good for a Neil boot
Time  disc 1: 57:30      disc 2: 53:57
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
Disc 1 
1) Long May You Run
2) From Hank to Hendrix
3) Unknown Legend
4) Love Is a Rose
5) Pocahontas
6) Like a Hurricane,
7) War of Man
8) The Needle & the Damage Done
9) Tonight's the Night
10) One of These Days
11) Such a Woman
Disc II 
1) Harvest Moon
2) Dreamin' Man
3) Natural Beauty
4) Don't Let It Bring You Down
5) Mr. Soul
6) Powderfinger
7) Sugar Mountain
8) You & Me
9) After the Gold Rush

Paramont Theatre - Oakland, CA. 3/20/99 (2 CDR)
From the '99 Solo Tour. Sound is good for an Aud recording. Nice to hear ambulance blues again.
Aud Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A
Time: disc 1: 49:24     disc 2: 66:02
Flaws: has skips between songs, barely noticeable though
Kahuna's Rating:****

Silver and Gold - Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA. 1/20/92 (2 CDR)
Originally a 80 min boot from Kisss The Stone, Its been cut into two CDRs here but still complete
Aud Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A
Time: disc 1: 40:18    disc 2:
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
Disc I:
1) Long May You Run 
2) From Hank To Hendrix 
3) Silver And Gold 
4) You And Me
5) War Of Man 
6) Old King 
7) Such A Woman 
8) Harvest Moon 
Disc II:
1) Heart Of Gold 
2) Dreamin' Man 
3) Natural Beauty 
4) Don't Let It Bring You Down 
5) Down By The River 
6) After The Goldrush 
7) Old Man

Acoustic Horde - Phoenix, AR. 7/18/97 & Columbus, OH. 7/30/97 (2 CDR)
Two short totally solo acoustic sets done at side stages at two Horde shows. Nice crowd interaction
Daud>Analog Cass.>Gina>CDR
Sound: A-
Time: 47:46
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****


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