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Echoes in the Graden - Boston Garden 6/18/75 (3 CDR)
My favorite Pink Floyd show. Fantastic sound and songlist. This kind of show is which pushed Pink Floyd to the forfront of Rock.
Soundboard from Original master reel Boot CD>CDR    HB-801-1/2/3 Heart Breakers
Sound: A
Time  disc 1: 54:22      disc 2: 55:16     disc 3: 21:27
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Heres what the RoIO Database says about this show:
AWESOME!! It's from a different and better source tape (on back of the CD it states their source is directly from the master reel to reel) than Crazy Diamond! The down note is that its spaced out onto 3 CD's for no reason whatsover. An extra 25.00 for nothing. They easily could have fit it onto 2 CDs. -MIKE
I never thought that there will ever be an audience recording which could be rated SUP, but here it is. This is simply the best sound quality you will ever encounter not coming from a soundboard or broadcast. I got goosebumps listening to this flawless RoIO and great performance. Listen to "Any Colour you like" and you will never be the same. Get it, get it. -HERWIG

Disc: 1
1. Raving And Drooling 
2. You've Gotta Be Crazy 
3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pt 1-5) 
4. Have A Cigar 
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pt 6-9) 
Disc: 2
1. -10. The Dark Side Of The Moon 
(Speak To Me through Eclipse) 
The Complete Dark Side of the Moon


Disc: 3
1. Echoes


Band:: Roger Waters 
           Nick Mason 
           David Gilmour 
           Rick Wright

In The Flesh - Oakland Colliseum Oakland, CA. 5/9/77 (2 CDR)
A great PF show. Lots of Animals and Wish You Were Here. Sound is Audience
Audience Boot CD>CDR    GDR CD 9103 Great Dane Records
Sound: A-
Time: disc 1: 66:30    disc 2: 72:41
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****
From the RIoI database:
The sound quality of this recording is marred by a constant 15750 Hz whine, the same as what comes from a TV set (equal to the horizontal line-scanning rate). Fortunately, if you have a parametric equaliser it is easy to eliminate. This recording can be further improved with a little EQ but it sounds like it was recorded too hot - there is a reasonable amount of distortion. That doesn't stop this from being a good CD considering the age of the recording, and especially since it contains the complete show, and complete Animals and Wish You Were Here. -HAMISH  I tend to agree with the other contributors, not a bad CD concidering the age of the concert. If you're looking for a Floyd concert with Roger, and like Animals, then this one's for you. Crowd noise seems low, but there is some distortion with the sound.
Disc 1:
1. Sheep                                   11:25
2. Pigs On The Wing (Part1)                 2:15
3. Dogs                                    18:43
4. Pigs On The Wing (Part2)                 3:25
5. Pigs (3 Different Ones)                 17:47
6. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5)  13:08
Disc 2:
1. Welcome To The Machine                   8:14
2. Have A Cigar                             6:46
3. Wish You Were Here                       6:10
4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9)  22:40
5. Money                                   10:38
6. Us And Them                              7:52
7. Careful With That Axe, Eugene           10:18

Great Gig On THE Moon - Sappporo, JPN. 3/12/72 (1 CDR)
Complete Dark Side of the Moon live with a couple more tunes on the end
Aud Boot CD>CDR    TB 35 Teddy Bear Records
Sound: A
Time: 69:58
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
From the RIoI database:
This is great, excellent recording. Some audience talking in quiet bits -- my Japanese isn't good enough to hear what is being said. A few problems with timing when two or more vocal lines at the same time, but nothing too annoying. Love the guitar jam version of On The Run. Very atmospheric version of CWtA,E. Excellent, recommended. -KeithC
The best 72 cd I know of. Far better than TSP's, Best of Tour 72. This is one you don't want to let get away. - Greg
1. Eclipse suite                   47:03 
             a) Speak to me                     2:04 
             b) Breathe                         5:13
             c) On the run                      3:30 
             d) Time                            9:06
             e) The great gig in the sky        3:25
             f) Money                           6:25 
             g) Us and them                     3:00 
             h) Any colour you like             3:05
             i) Brain damage                    4:03
             j) Eclipse                         7:12
2. One of these days               10:25
3. Carefull with that axe, Eugene  12:35
Each letter of Eclipse Suite is an actual track
So there are (12) tracks on this disc
           David Gilmour
           Roger Waters
           Richard Wright
           Nick Mason


Dark Night in Atlanta - Wembley Empire Pool, London, ENG. 11/16/74 (1 CDR)
See Brain Damage (listed below) Its a much better recording
More Dark Side from the most famous boot recording of Floyd. Or the most played.
FM Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A
Time: 45:24
Flaws: Has skips between songs also lots of background hiss. I'm sure its not to hard to fins a better copy of this show somewhere else
Kahuna's Rating:***
From the RIoI database:
This CD should be renamed "Dark Day for Whoopy Cat". The venue info. given on the liner (Atlanta 1973) is completely bogus; one cursory listen reveals the source to be our old friend the '74 Wembley DSOTM FM broadcast. - THE HEDONIST
1. Speak To Me - Breathe 
2. On The Run 
3. Time 
4. The Great Gig In The Sky 
5. Money 
6. Us And Them
7. Any Colour You Like 
8. Brain Damage - Eclipse 
           Roger Waters
           David Gilmour
           Rick Wright
           Nick Mason
           Dick Parry       (Sax)
           Carlene Williams (Vocals)
           Vanetta Fields   (Vocals)

Fire Works Show in the Canadian Walls - Le Stade Olympique, Montreal, CAN 7/6/77 (2 CDR)
Fantastic show with alots of Animals and Wish you were here stuff. Sound is a little rough becouse of Aud recording but still very listenable. Not much crowd noise
Aud Boot CD>CDR    I.T.F. 001/002
Sound: A
Time  disc 1: 74:39      disc 2: 68:06
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
Heres what the RoIO Database says about this show:
This in my opinion is the best 77 show recording. All instruments are more equally leveled then on the Oakland show that has too much bass. The performance is much better than the Oakland or Fort Worth shows. Roger complains at the audience during pigs on the wing Pt. 2 and the famous taunting the audience member during the best version of pigs I have heard. even though this is a hard to find disc I would recommend searching for it because it is more enjoyable than any other 77 recordings out there. -LEE
Disc: 1
            1. Sheep
            2. Pigs On The Wing Pt.1
            3. Dogs
            4. Pigs On The Wing Pt.2
            5. Pigs
            6. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 1-5
            7. Welcome To The Machine
Disc: 2
            1. Have A Cigar
            2. Wish You Were Here
            3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 6-9
            4. Money
            5. Us & Them
            6. Blues
           Roger Waters 
           Nick Mason 
           David Gilmour 
           Rick Wright 

Dogs and Sheeps - Los Angeles, CA. 4/26/75 (2 CDR)
Another great Audience boot with decent sound. More Animals and Dark Side without the song Money
Sound: A
Time  disc 1: 58:48      disc 2: 67:31
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
Heres what the RoIO Database says about this show:
The quality of the sound is ex- IMO making this 2CD one of the best roios. According to Jon Rosenberg's book (which every Floyd fan should have) there was a concert on 26/4/75. I cannot verify if this recording is taken from that day but I can say for sure that this concert never has been released on a roio CD before (it is different to Crazy Diamonds).
Apart from the omission of Money this one is a complete recording of a great concert. You can hear Roger announcing the songs and shouting at people who wander around in front of the stage. I really love it when the breaks between the songs are recorded as well because this gives you the feeling that you are in the audience as well. And this is the best way to enjoy the Pink Floyd of the seventies when one become a fan of their music too late (in the eighties).
Disc 1
            1. Sheep                           13:31 
            2. Dogs                            14:31
            3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1-5  12:43
            4. Have a Cigar                     4:36
            5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 6-9  13:28


Disc 2
            1. Speak to Me                      2:17
            2. Breathe                          2:59
            3. On the Run                       4:35
            4. Time                             5:30
            5. Breathe - Reprise                1:05
            6. The Great Gig In the Sky         6:04
            7. Us and Them                      7:58
            8. Any Colour You Like              7:39
            9. Brain Damage                     3:41
           10. Eclipse                          2:58
           11. Echoes                          22:51
           David Gilmour  (guitars, vocals)
           Nick Mason     (percussion, vocals)
           Roger Waters   (basguitar, vocals)
           Richard Wright (keyboards, vocals)

Brain Damage - Wembley Empire Pool, London, ENG 11/16/74 (2 CDR)
Complete Dark Side of the Moon with the best sound from this BBC recording. Just a little back ground hiss is noticeable
Snb Boot CD>CDR    TSP-CD-176
Sound: A+
Time: 52:33
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Heres what the RoIO Database says about this show:
There is yet another 11/16/74 DSOTM roio entitled BRAIN DAMAGE, made by The Swingin' Pig records. A few weeks ago, I ordered BRAIN DAMAGE, expecting to get either the Sigma 6 version or the Capricorn version.......BUT I ended up with a version by The Swingin' Pig. Were you aware of this? I cannot believe that there are now 3 roios of the same performance with the same title. At least TSP could have done like everyone else, and given it a different title. -ANON
Excellent stereo recording. Crowd is very polite (no screaming here). All tape effects very clear. Of course, the remaining part of the show was not included. Nice, but incomplete. Minimum packaging. All tracks separately indexed. Swingin Pig should have used a different title. - JZ
1. Speak To Me                                          1:30 
2. Breathe in the Air                                   2:59 
3. On The Run                                           4:59 
4. Time                                                 6:31 
5. The Great Gig in the Sky                             6:51 
6. Money                                                7:45 
7. Us and Them                                          7:42 
8. Any Color You Like                                   7:31 
9. Brain Damage                                         3:40 
10. Eclipse                                              1:37 
           Roger Waters 
           Rick Wright 
           Nick Mason
           David Gilmour




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