For those who need one here it is:


"Rob - I got the discs - you are da' man !!!! :) :) :)
These CDs rock. I love the cover art, you definately went beyond the call of duty ;)
I'll ALWAYS be up for a trade with you - just let me know".
Sewwhat3 (Taper)
Steve, Tampa Fla.

All trades First Class or Priority Mail.
Don't wait for your package to arrive before you send mine out (Poor Trading Manners), I won't.
All quality rating are subjective, If a tape doesn't meet your standard I'll work it right with you. I believe I grade harshly. But being old I'm probably loosing some of my hearing.
A+: Highest Quality Soundboard
A: Soundboard-Slight Defects, Highest Quality Audience
A-: Slight Defects & Slight Tape Hiss, Still very Listenable
B+: Listenable Soundboard, Good Quality Audience
B: Serious Tape Hiss but Listenable
B-: Serious Defects, For Die-Hards Only
C+: Barely Audible

Use good quailty Media, Silver, Gold on Gold or Blue on Gold (Not green). Mitsui, Kodak, Verbatium & TDK are OK with me,
Just let me know if you use anything else
Burn all live music with "Disc at Once" setting
Mail in Tyvek sleeves, no Jewel cases, Do Not label the CDR Itself.
Please send covers from bootlegs if possible or create covers with setlist, venue, date and other info if available.
Try to send covers electronicly either e-mail or on disc

Use Maxell Gold or TDK Hi-Fi grade tapes
Record all tapes in SP mode unless other wise worked out
Do not put labels on tapes but include setlist, venue, date and any other info.

Use Maxell XLII High Bias Tapes.
No high-speed dubbing.
No cut-offs at the end of sides.
Do not send plastic cases but include J-card with setlist, venue, date and any other info.

If you have any questions or problems with any of my rules please let me know and I am sure we can work something out.

E-Mail Anytime