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Rockpalast - Loreley, GER 11/20/83 (2 CDR)
A fantastic rocking show with some blues thrown in. From Germany's famious open air yearly concert. Great sound but a few rough spots on the first song.
Sound: A
Time  disc 1: 46:49      disc 2: 43:42
Flaws: sound waviers on first song only and one skip on song 9 disc I other than that almost A+
Kahuna's Rating:****
Disc I:
1) Abracadabra
2) Announcement
3) The Joker
4) You You You
5) Out of the Night
6) Living in the USA
7) Somebody Done Hoo Doo to the Hoo Doo Man
8) Just a Little Bit
9) Buffalo's Serenade
10) Fly Like an Eagle
11) Keeps me Wondering Why
12) Rock'n'Me
Disc II:
1) Jungle Love
2) Jet Airliner
3) Macho City
4) Honey Hush
5) My Baby
6) You Know What I Mean
7) Yonder Wall
8) Yonder Wall Reprise
9) Space Cowboy
10) Abracadabra


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