SRV-The Last Days 1990's
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The Last Farewell - 1990 US Tour (1 CDR)
Cuts from Stevies last tour.
Boot CD>CDR  Swingin' Pig, TSP-CD-079
Sound: A
Time: 68:37
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2

Info below from SRV Gig Database:
Last Farewell - Albuquerque, 28nov89, & Denver, 29nov89
[Swingin' Pig, TSP-CD-079] (68:37, 11 tracks)
A combo of Tingley arena and Denver McNichols arena shows which was recorded during the ‘In Step' tour 1990 somewhere in the USA. Voodoo Chile (s.r.) is about 11 min. long; it drags you just way up into the next lunar orbit, I mean it gets really deep, especially at 4:30 min !! No more to say about this MUST for every Stevie Ray Vaughan fan. The sound is quite good, though it maintains to be ‘just' a private live recording that contains no multi-track sources. Last Farewell, One of the Last, Scuttle Buttin, and every other boot CD I've seen claiming to be either the last show or Austin, May 4 1990 are ALL THE SAME SHOW. They are all a combination of the Tingley Arena and Denver McNichols arena shows. These shows took place one day apart. Parts of each were broadcast together as if one show by the Westwood One radio show. Discs of the Westwood one 89 broadcast are numerous, I recommend "Last Farewell" or "Let me Love you Baby" for sound quality compared to the others.
     1> The House Is Rockin'          2:41
     2> Tightrope                     5:39
     3> Look At Little Sister         5:50
     4> Let Me Love You Baby          3:28
     5> Leave My Little Girl Alone    6:16
     6> Riviera Paradise             10:37
     7> Wall Of Denial                5:57
     8> Superstition                  5:01
     9> Cold Shot                     7:00
    10> Crossfire                     4:09
    11> Voodoo Chile                 11:57

Last Thunder - Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI 8/26/90 (3 CDR)
The Complete last show including SRV and DT's set and E. Clapton's set with Encore jam at the end.
Includes R. Cray, J. Vaughan & B. Guy
Sound: A
Time: disc I: 72:50     disc II: 72:05    disc III: 73:40
Flaws: none, sound quality varies especially for Clapton set, must have come from more than one source
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2

Alpine Valley - Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI, 8/26/90 (2 CDR)
Steve's last show again with different filler, sounds a little worse than above show
Boot CD>CDR  TICD 069/70
Sound: A
Time: disc I: 63:55    disc II: 61:53
Flaws: none
Kahuna's Rating:****
Disc I
     1> Intro                         3:37 
            "Collins Shuffle"
     2> The House Is Rockin'          2:50
     3> Tightrope                     5:24
     4> The Things I Used To Do       4:44
     5> Let Me Love You Baby          3:17
     6> Leave My Little Girl Alone    5:07
     7> Pride And Joy                 4:15
     8> Wall Of Denial                5:53
     9> Riviera Paradise              9:03
    10> Superstition                  5:08
    11> Couldn't Stand The Weather    4:36
    12> Goin' Down                    5:45
    13> Crossfire                     4:18
Disc II:
     1> Voodoo Chile                  9:45
     2> Sweet Home Chicago           16:44 
            w/Clapton, Cray, JLV, Guy
     3> Pride And Joy                 3:32
     4> Mary Had A Little Lamb        3:13
     5> Love Struck Baby              2:37
     6> Testify                       2:57
     7> Voodoo Chile                 11:20
     8> Mary Had A Little Lamb        3:19
     9> Couldn't Stand The Weather    4:45
    10> Cold Shot                     4:00
      Alpine Valley 26aug90 (tracks 1-2),
      The Sector Club, West Berlin, Germany, 04sep83 
          (tracks 3-6) May have been recorded on 3sep83.
      The Spectrum, Montreal, Canada, 17aug84 (tracks 7-10)

Peace in the Valley - Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI, 8/25/90 (1 CDR)
Steve's next to last show, sound is best of all Alpine Valley shows
Boot CD>CDR  NORIAA Records, SR-3582
Sound: A
Time: 60:15
Flaws: Song 9 is cut slightly, Song 10 "Goin Down" is cut badly
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
     1> Tightrope                        3:56  fades in
     2> The Things (That) I Used To Do   4:44
     3> Let Me Love You Baby             3:05
     4> Leave My Little Girl Alone       4:41
     5> Little Sister                    4:12   "Look At Little Sister"
     6> Wall Of Denial                   5:53
     7> Riviera Paradise                 8:17
     8> Superstition                     5:17
     9> Going Down                       6:53   "Couldn't Stand The Weather"/
      >                                         "Going Down" cut
    10> Crossfire                        4:31
    11> Voodoo Chile                     8:39

Lake Compounce Park, Bristol, CT 7/4/90 (2 CDR)
Full Show. Audience recording on final July 4th show, plenty of hot jammin, real high quality guitar work.
Sound quality is a little weak on this one, but get better as the disc goes on
Sound: A, some tape hiss
Time: disc I: 39:50    disc II: 51:02
Flaws: Some skips in song one. Other than that none
Kahuna's Rating:****
Disc I:
        1.In The Open 
        2.Collins Shuffle 
        3.The House Is Rockin' 
        5.The Things (That) I Used To Do 
        6.Look At Little Sister 
        7.Let Me Love You Baby 
        8.You'll Be Mine 
Disc II:
       9.Riviera Paradise 
       10.Wall Of Denial 
       12.Cold Shot 
       13.Couldn't Stand The Weather 
       15.Voodoo Chile 

The Day After The Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute - Austin Music Hall 7/12/95 (1 CDR)
Just what the cover says with Buddy Guy, Eric Calpton, Jimmy Vaughan & Robert Cray
Great Blues and sound even though it sounds Aud.
Sound: A (should be A+ but Aud)
Time: 77:45
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****

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