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Double Trouble - Nashville outtakes 1978 (1 CDR)
Very Early SRV with Lou Ann Barton vocals
Sound: A
Time: 32:59
Flaws: none
Kahuna's Rating:*****

Info below from SRV Gig Database:
[no visible label] (32:53, 10 tracks)
Recorded at Jack "Cowboy " Clement's home studio 11/79. The booklet that accompanies the disc claims that the CD was taken from an acetate (the only source known to exist, apparently any tapes were destroyed or deteriorated). The inserts are numbered and limited to 1000 copies. Includes Jackie Newhouse on bass and Lou Ann Barton, vocals. Some tracks are similar to "The First Thunder", but most are different. Great sound quality but has "feel of listening to a slightly worn LP."
     1> You Can Have My Husband    2:51   Lou Ann vocal
     2> Rude Mood                  3:23
     3> Pride And Joy              3:00   Stevie vocal
     4> Oh, Yeah                   3:00   Lou Ann vocal
     5> Love Struck Baby           2:05   Stevie vocal
     6> Ti-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu            2:45   "Tina Nina Nu", Lou Ann vocal
     7> Gonna Miss Me              2:23   "Empty Arms", Stevie vocal
     8> I Wonder Why               5:32   "Will My Man Be Home Tonight?"
                                          Lou Ann vocal, Stevie slide guitar
     9> I'm Trying                 3:31   "I'm Cryin'", Stevie vocal
    10> Sugar Coated Loving        3:24   "Sugar Coated Love", Lou Ann vocal
I have it and must say that I have around 30 srv cd/tapes and it is by far the best I have. Quality is above average for a limited edition cd. This is Stevie when he truly was the hurricane, Stevie speeding, musically and physically. Stevie's vocals show signs of his insecurity in his own voice but they are truly unfounded. As far as vocals go, Lou Ann's a whalin' fool, this is early enough that her voice still has signs of clarity, at least as much as she ever had. This is by far, at least in my opinion, the best SRV cd I have ever heard, everyone that has heard it has completely been amazed.

First Thunder - Austin Texas 1979 (1 CDR)
Recorded in Austin during various times 1979 with Lou Ann Bartin & Johnny Reno (sax)
Sound quality various on disc
Boot CD>CDR  Seagull, SEA 039
Sound: A-
Time: 59:11
Flaws: none
Kahuna's Rating:****

Info below from SRV Gig Database:
[Seagull, SEA 039] (Italy) (59:00, 16 tracks) (above average quality) soundcheck, Austin, apr79 (tracks 1-6), Austin Blues Fest., apr79, w/Lou Ann Barton (tracks 7-13), "Peona's", oct79, w/Lou Ann and Johnny Reno on Sax (tracks 14-16) although tracks 7-13 are claimed to be from the "ABF", there are no noticeable live audience sounds on these tracks, so venue is suspect
     1> Rude Mood                   2:53
     2> Dirty Pool                  5:20
     3> I'm Crying                  3:43
     4> You're Gonna Miss Me Baby   2:49   "Empty Arms"
     5> Pride And Joy               3:14
     6> Love Struck Baby            2:12
     7> Natural Born Lover          3:44
     8> Tina Nina Nu                3:00
     9> Scratch My Back             4:06
    10> I'll Change                 3:18
    11> Shake A Hand, Shake A Hand  4:39
    12> Oh Baby                     3:43
    13> Sugar Coated Love           3:41
    14> Love In Vain                4:31
    15> You Can Have My Husband     5:18   starts off with "So Excited"
    16> My Baby's Gone              2:49   "Oh Yeah"

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