SRV-In His Prime The Later 80's
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Seattle Jammin - Seattle Center Coliseum 9/1/85 (1 CDR)
Electric Bumpershoot show - quality good but a little low on sound strength
Sound: A
Time: 74:04
Flaws: none
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Info below from SRV Gig Database:
[Blizzard Pure Soundboard Recordings, BLZD 110] (74:11, 13 tracks) Incomplete, missing "Testify"
     1> Soul To Soul                7:50   "Scuttle Buttin'"/"Say What"
     2> Look At Little Sister       5:25   "Lookin' Out the Window"/"Look At Little Sister"
     3> Giving Up On Love           7:40   "Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up On Love"
     4> Blindspot                   4:46   "Change It"
     5> Will You Be Mine            3:52   "You'll Be Mine"
     6> Empty Arms                  3:19
     7> Let The Good Times Roll     5:29   "Come On (Part III)
     8> Cold Shot                   5:59
     9> Couldn't Stand The Weather  7:01
    10> Live Another Day            8:39   "Life Without You"
    11> Pride And Joy               5:23
    12> Instrumental Jam            1:56    Introducing Bonnie Raitt
    13> Muddy Water                 6:50   "Texas Flood", w/Bonnie Raitt

Unforgettable Night -  Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, PA, 6/30/87 (1 CDR)
Great Quality, Great Show
Boot CD>CDR  Kobra Records, KRCR 18
Sound: A+
Time: 77:55
Flaws: Skips between songs
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
Info below from SRV Gig Database:
        1.Scuttle Buttin' 
        2.Say What 
        3.Lookin' Out The Window 
        4.Look At Little Sister 
        5.Mary Had A Little Lamb 
        6.Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up On Love 
        8.Willie The Wimp 
        9.Cold Shot 
        10.Couldn't Stand The Weather 
        11.Life Without You 
        12.Come On
        13.Love Struck Baby 
        14.Rude Mood 

Mr. Clean - Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA, 12/31/86 (1 CDR)
Another fantastic show with Lonnie Mack encore "Oreo Cookie Blues"
Boot CD>CDR  Silver Rarities, SIRA075
Sound: A
Time: 73:38
Flaws: Skips betwen songs, some background noise
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
Info below from SRV Gig Database:
     1> Lookin' At You               4:43   "Lookin' Out The Window"
     2> Look At Little Sister        5:00
     3> Mary Had A Little Lamb       9:28
     4> Superstition                 4:36
     5> Willie The Wimp              6:12
     6> Cold Shot                    7:21
     7> Couldn't Stand The Weather   7:03
     8> Life Without You            12:13
     9> Instrumental                 3:52
    10> Instrumental                 6:07   "Rude Mood"
    11> Oreo Cookie Blues            7:06   with Lonnie Mack

Stilleto Rain - Red Rocks Morrison, CO. 6/19/85 (1 CDR)
Still more great Stevie
Boot CD>CDR   Primadonna, PD109
Sound: A
Time: 73:39
Flaws: none
Kahuna's Rating:****

Info below from SRV Gig Database:
[Primadonna, PD109] (73:46, 9 tracks) this recording sounds like an offhand board mix, good quality the CD incorrectly lists the show as 17jun85
The 6/19/85 Red Rocks show is definately a good one to start with.
Highlight of the show is "Little Wing." This show was recorded when Stevie was in his heaviest drug-using days. In "Little Wing" it sounds like he is in so much pain and is calling out for help through his guitar. Very emotional.That track makes the CD worth buying alone. Voodoo is strong also.
     1> Ain't Giving Up On Love     7:40   "Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up On Love"
     2> Pride And Joy               5:09
     3> Voodoo Child               12:40   "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)"
     4> Tin Pan Alley              12:01
     5> Little Sister               4:09   "Look at Little Sister"
     6> Flooding Down In Texas      9:21   "Texas Flood"
     7> Come On                     6:30   "Come On (Part III)"
     8> Little Wing                 7:44
     9> 3 Stones From the Sun       8:29   "Third Stone From the Sun"

See You Later - Legends Chicago, IL. 7/30/89 & Tennis Rock Expo, New York City, NY, 7/23/83 (1 CDR)
Buddy Guys birthday bash with 2 extra songs thrown in. Some of the best guitar playing you'll ever hear
Boot CD>CDR   All Of Us, AS43
Sound: A-
Time: 67:02
Flaws: none
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
     1> It's Still Called The Blues    3:26
     2> Champagne And Reefer          25:44
     3> Mary Had A Little Lamb         8:31
     4> Leave My Little Girl Alone /  19:00
        > Worry, Worry
     5> Stormy Monday                  7:18
     6> Mary Had A Little Lamb         3:08
     Legends Club, Buddy's band w/SRV (tracks 1-4)
     Tennis Rock Expo, SRV/DT w/Buddy (tracks 5-6)

The Forgotten Show - The Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, FL 3/25/87 (1 CDR)
Another fantastic hot jammin show
Snb Boot CD>CDR   Flashback World Productions, 01.93.0196
Sound: A+
Time: 73:56
Flaws: Skips between songs, Has recently been reissued (or made to look like a reissue) by Flashback in CD-R format but these are inferior to the originals due to annoying sound gaps at the start of each track, plus the absence of the final track ("Rude Mood"). Otherwise both have excellent sound. My copy has Rude Mood but also has skips
Kahuna's Rating:*****
     1> Scuttle Buttin'/Say What       8:36   medley
     2> Lookin' Out The Window         4:10
     3> Look At Little Sister          5:24
     4> Ain't Gonna Give Up My Love   11:02 
     5> Superstition                   4:51
     6> Willie The Wimp                6:18
     7> Cold Shot                      5:52
     8> Couldn't Stand The Weather     7:38
     9> Life Without You              12:04
    10> Love Struck Baby               3:53
    11> Rude Mood                      4:04


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