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Handsome Girls - Compilation from 1978 Tour (2 CDR)
This Swing Pig Boot includes full KBFH recording of show at Will Rogers Memorial Col., Fort Worth, TX. 7/18/78 as well as highlights from other shows in the 1978 tour. This is the best Stones Boot I've heard. Two lead guitars really playing well off each other and Mick sounding real raunchy, highly recomended
Boot CD>CDR  TSP-CD-200-1/-4
Sound: A
Time disc 1: 72:37   disc 2: 68:47    disc 3: 77:11    disc 4: 76:29
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
I found this on a web site:
US radio '78 (various);      140 min; 10.0 s;     "Handsome Girls"/many others
These songs have been widely available since they were first broadcast in 1979, but this is their best quality ever.  CDs 3 and 4 of this set compile almost every song ever broadcast (TSP's 1st edition misses 4 songs, Dandelion's 2nd edition has them), plus a few that never were (Star Star).  Since the source tapes were liberated from the King Biscuit archives, they are not bleeped or censored as they were for broadcast.  Dandelion's release also adds a few more rarities from lesser quality audience recordings.  It is said to sound even "brighter," not a bad thing.  However, Dandelion did not use the best source for the previously missing 4 songs; for that you need the obscure
and very mis-titled LP "Live from England 1974," which is all '78 radio broadcasts!
If anyone finds more covers please e-mail them to me!!!
Disc 1:
   01. Let It Rock
   02. All Down The Line
   03. Honky Tonk Women 
   04. Star Star
   05. When The Whip Comes Down Comes Down 
   06. Beast Of Burden
   07. Miss You 
   08. Just My Imagination 
   09. Shattered 
   10. Respectable
   11. Far Away Eyes (w/ Doug Kershaw)
   12. Love In Vain
   13. Tumbling Dice 
   14. Happy
Disc 2:
   01. Sweet Little Sixteen
   02. Brown Sugar 
   03. Jumping Jack Flash
   04. All Down The Line  (alt. mix)
   05. Honky Tonk Women   (alt. mix)
   06. Star Star  (alt. mix)
   07. When The Whip Comes Down  (alt. mix) 
   08. Beast Of Burden  (alt. mix)
   09. Shattered   (alt. mix)
   10. Far Away Eyes (w/ Doug Kershaw) (alt. mix)
   11. Jumping Jack Flash  (alt. mix)


Disc 3:

   01. Let It Rock  (c)
   02. All Down The Line  (d)
   03. Honky Tonk Women  (d)
   04. Star Star  (d)
   05. When The Whip Comes Down  (c)
   06. Lies  (d)
   07. Miss You  (c)
   08. Beast Of Burden  (d)
   09. Shattered  (a)
   10. Respectable  (d)
   11. Just My Imagination  (c)
   12. Far Away Eyes  (b)
   13. Love In Vain  (c)
   14. Tumbling Dice  (c)
   15. Happy  (c)

   Disc 4:

   01. Hound Dog  (a)
   02. Sweet Little Sixteen  (d)
   03. Brown Sugar  (d)
   04. Jumping Jack Flash  (d)
   05. Miss You  (b)  (w/ Eddie Money) 
   06. Lies  (b)
   07. Beast Of Burden  (b)
   08. Shattered   (b) 
   09. Just My Imagination  (b) 
   10. Respectable  (b)
   11. Sweet Little Sixteen  (b)


Disc 1 and 2: Live at Will Rogers Mem. Center, 
Fort Worth TX, USA, July 18, 1978

Disc 3 and 4:
(a): Live at the Coliseum, Memphis TN, USA, June 28, 1978
(b): Live at Rupp Arena, Lexington KY, USA, June 29, 1978
(c): Live at Masonic Hall, Detroit MA, USA, July 6, 1978
(d): Live at S. Houston Coliseum, 
Houston TX, USA, July 19, 1978

The Rose Garden - Portland, OR. 1/30/98 (2 CDR)
Very listenable show audience recorded from front center stage during bridges to babylon tour. The boys are sounding good on this one and play many hits
Daud>3rd Gen Analog Cass.>Gina S/C>CDR
Sound: A-
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****



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