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Georgia Theater - Athens, GA. 1/7/99 (1 CDR)
One of my favorite blues guitarists. Does a jammin set here, playing more rock then blues but all songs are great. Tinsley even plays alot of his real early stuff.  Very good sound on this recording.
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Sound: A
Time: 71:27
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
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1) Sugaree, Sugaree
2) Cool On It
3) One Kind Favor
4) Instrumental
5) When I Howl
6) Die'n to do Wrong
7) Texas Stomp
8) When Love Comes Knockin
9)Walkin Blues
10) Cut You Loose
11) Snatch it Back and Hold It
12) Come Back Baby
13) Bo-Diddley

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