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Live at the Bottom Line - NYC 11/1/78 (1 CDR)
Great show & setlist originally issued as a KBFH but released on Import CD. Great SNB recording with a little crowd noise in the back ground
Snb Boot CD>CDR   Best of Live Series 009 (1993) - Luxembourg
Sound: A
Time: 50:40
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Van Morrison: vocals, piano, Peter Bardens: keyboards, Bobby Tench: guitar, Herbie Armstrong: guitar, Mickey Feat: bass, Peter van Hooke: drums, Katie Kissoon: vocals, Linda Dillard: vocals
1) Moondance
2) Wavelength
3) Into the Mystic
4) Checkin It Out
5) Brown Eyed Girl
6) Kingdom Hall
7) Hungry for your Love
8) Natalia
9) Wild Night
10) Caravan
Notes from the Van Morrison Web Site:
Howard A. DeWitt in his 1983 book "Van Morrison: The Mystic Music",
described it (p.72) as the "Best live Van Morrison concert broadcast over radio".
For broadcast week of January 28-February 3,1991. DIR Radio Network.
A live broadcast from the Bottom Line nightclub in New York city with Peter
Wolf of the J. Geils Band as the M.C. The date of the broadcast was November 1,
1978. The concert is from the US Wavelength tour and the musicians presented
by Van are most of the ones that appeared on the Wavelength album: Peter Bardens,
Mickey Feat, Peter Van Hooke, Bobby Tench, Herbie Armstrong, and Katie Kissoon
and Anna Peacock, vocals.

Into The Mystic - Live at Pacific High Studios, Marin, CA, September 5, 1971 (2 CDR)
Snb Boot CD>CDR  Hawk 78/79
Sound: A+
Time: disc 1: 55:23     disc 2: 52:01
Flaws: None, fades out between songs
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Disc 1 
   1.Into the Mystic (5:39) 
   2.I've Been Working (6:02) 
   3.Friday's Child (5:33) 
   4.Hound Dog (2:54) 
   5.Ballerina (8:44) 
   6.Tupelo Honey (6:06) 
   7.Wild Night (4:34) 
   8.Just Like a Woman (7:36) 
   9.Moonshine Whiskey (7:33) 
Disc 2 
   1.Dead or Alive (5:10) 
   2.You're My Woman (5:48) 
   3.These Dreams of You (3:18) 
   4.Domino (5:49) 
   5.Call Me Up in Dreamland (3:26) 
   6.Blue Money (3:56) 
   7.Bring It On Home to Me (4:14) 
   8.Buena Sera Senorita (3:16) 
   9.Caledonia Soul Music (16:21) 
Notes from the Van Morrison Web Site:
Review by Russell Parkinson:
This show was recorded live in the studio before a small audience. The band is
essentially the Caledonia Soul Orchestra. This show is probably the most booted
recording out there and for good reason. Van is on fire from the very start with a slow
burning "Into the Mystic" which is in my books, the best version I've heard. A frantic
"I've Been Working" is next. Six minutes of pure funk ending with Van whispering "you
send me" to a fade out. Awesome and once again, the best version of this song there is.
The small audience couldn't have believed their luck to strike Van on this sort of form.
To reinforce this Van strikes out with a wonderful version of the Them song "Fridays
Child" and follows it up with Elvis Presleys "Hound Dog". Van doesn't quite bring the
sexual innuendo that Elvis does to this song but it rocks and is a lot of fun.
Just in case the audience thinks they're at some sort of rock 'n roll show Van slows the
whole thing down with a delicious "Ballerina". This is the definitive version of this great
song in my book and even after eight minutes you don't want it to end. End it does but
to ease the pain is a beautiful "Tupelo Honey" to take you away again. By the time the
band are harmonizing "she's an angel" over and over again the eyes are closed and this
listener is in heaven.
A revved up "Wild Night" is next and then Van floors us all with an intense cover of
Dylan's "Just Like a Woman". Van takes it right down and brings it right up again,
improvises lyrics and what results is one of the greatest cover recordings ever. Van
even planned to release it commercially in the mid-seventies but it never happened.
Van changes tempo again and gives us a lively "Moonshine Whiskey" from the "Tupelo
Honey" album. This has more punch than the album version and is another treat in night
full of them. Watch them bubbles in the water! A swinging "Dead or Alive" is next. Van
and Lonnie Donnegan recently performed this at one of the Brighton shows. It's a great
old song and suits the mood of the show to a tee. A pretty straight forward "You're My
Woman" from Tupelo Honey follows before Van rips into an up-tempo "These
Dreams of You". This leads into a trio of tracks from the His Band and the Street
Choir album. "Domino" is the first and the best of these. This song really rocks and at
the end the tempo gets faster and faster until it reaches a frenzied climax. Again this is
probably the best version of this song I've heard. Only the Montreux 1990
performance where Van integrates "The Midnight Hour" is any competition. "Call Me
Up in Dreamland" and "Blue Money" are fine performances but are essentially weaker
songs and don't reach the heights of "Domino".
A bluesy almost honky-tonk "Bring It On Home" is next. Quite different from the slow
soul of the It's Too Late To Stop Now show but still a lot of fun and thoroughly
enjoyable. Van finishes the show with the old classic "Buena Sera". Jeff Labes adds
some delicious piano, everyone has a laugh and a good time and the show is over.
RATING - ESSENTIAL!!!!! Only a couple of minor tracks from Street Choir don't
rate as all time classics but they still sound fine. Everything else is great. This really
should have been released commercially.

Rocks His Gypsy Soul - Van Morrison Gets His Chance To Wail, Volume 3
Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA April 26, 1970 (1 CDR)
Very early Van. Tremendious sound on this one too.
Snb Boot CD>CDR  Gold Standard 195-VM-16-08
Sound: A
Time: 74:00
Flaws: None,
Kahuna's Rating:****
   1.Moondance (4:42) 
   2.Glad Tidings (3:49) 
   3.Crazy Love (2:52) 
   4.Come Running (6:55) 
   5.The Way Young Lovers Do (3:19) 
   6.Everyone (2:55) 
   7.Brown Eyed Girl (2:10) 
   8.And It Stoned Me (4:11) 
   9.These Dreams Of You (3:44) 
  10.Caravan (6:37) 
  11.Cypress Avenue (12:16) 
  12.Into The Mystic (5:31) 
  13.Stormy Monday Blues (5:24) 
  14.Don't Start Crying Now (1:34) 
  15.All By Myself (3:11) 
  16.Caledonia (2:50) 
  17.What's Up, Crazy Pup? (3:10) 
Notes from the Van Morrison Web Site:
Tracks 1-12: Live at the Fillmore West, April 26, 1970
Tracks 13-14: Studio demos, recorded 1964
Track 15: Them, live BBC 1965
Tracks 16-17: Live with the Caledonia Soul Orchestra 1973
Review by Russell Parkinson:
[The Fillmore West] one hour show features Van and what will be the Caledonia Soul
Orchestra performing all the Moondance album except for "Brand New Day". Also
included are two songs from Astral Weeks and an obligatory "Brown Eyed Girl".
The sound is either radio broadcast or soundboard and is very good, especially
considering the recording is nearly 30 years old.
The show kicks off with an excellent lively rendition of "Moondance". "Glad Tidings"
follows and although a quicker version than on the album this song remains, for me
anyway, filler. A lovely soulful "Crazy Love" is next. Van sings this in his normal voice
rather than falsetto. A six minute improvised "Come Running" misses rather than hits. In
the middle of this song the band and van move off into a sixties rock organ/guitar kind
of thing with some improvised lyrics. On first listening it sounds great bit after a while I
find it disrupts a good song. Interesting but ultimately a bit disappointing.
"The Way Young Lovers Do" is a blast, a great lively version with excellent horns and
piano. Everyone joins Glad Tidings in the filler category. "Brown Eyed Girl" is pretty
standard. A good "And it Stoned Me" runs into an equally good "These Dreams of
You". The Last Waltz version of "Caravan" has always been my favorite but this one
comes close. A thoroughly enjoyable version of a great song.
Van winds up with the longest "Cypress Avenue" I've heard. Heavy on organ and
guitar you get to hear the ending twice! After the usual "its too late to stop now!" van
introduces the band and reprises the whole ending from "and you were standing there."
amazing. Van then encores with a superb version of "Into The Mystic". Very soulful,
this must be close to being the best version of this song out there.

Berkeley Community Theatre - Berkeley, CA.,  October 28, 1979  (1 CDR)
Van in his prime, a very tight show. Great sound and song list (just needs wavelength). My favorite Van show
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A+
Time: 50:39
Flaws: Noticeable cut between songs
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Van: vocals, Peter Van Hooke: drums, Katie Kissoon: vocals, John Platania: guitar, Toni Marcus: violin, steel guitar Herbie Armstrong: rhythm guitar, Pete Wingfield: keyboards, Pee Wee Ellis: saxophone, Mark Isham: trumpet
David Hayes: bass
   1.Kingdom Hall 
   2.Bright Side Of the Road 
   3.Here Comes the Night 
   4.You Make Me Feel So Free 
   5.Warm Love 
   7.Full Force Grace 
   9.Tupelo Honey 
   10.I've Been Working 
   11.Brown-eyed Girl 
   12.Wild Night

The Lost Tapes - New York Sessions 1967  (2 CDR)
For the serious Van collector only. A Collection of early outatkes from Vans first recording sessions
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A+
Time: 77:40
Flaws: Noticeable cut between songs
Kahuna's Rating:***1/2
Van first recorded for Bert Berns' Bang label in New York, on March 28th, 1967. The
sessions took place in the A & R Recording Studios on 112 West 48th Street over
two days, after which Van flew back to Belfast. Out of these sessions came Van's first
single for Bang: "Brown-Eyed Girl". The success of this single prompted Berns to call
Van back to New York for a second studio session in November of 1967, from which
The Best of Van Morrison and many of the subsequent reissues were culled.

Relations between Van and Berns quickly became strained, however, due to
differences in how to best present Van's material. Bang's release of the Blowin' Your
Mind album (without Van's knowledge, while he was on the road, touring), only
exacerbated this. Bang followed up with the oddly-titled Best of Van Morrison
album (which Van derisively referred to as The Worst of Van Morrison), which
probably killed any chance of Van and Bang reconciling.

But Bang still had the rights to Van's next 10 tracks. Following Bert Berns' death on
December 30, 1967, Van was able to get released from his contract when he handed
in a tape including a selection of throw-away nonsense "songs" - these tracks later
appeared as part of The Lost Tapes set(s), in its various forms. Of interest, perhaps,
only to collectors...
No Cover Available
Disc I:
1. Brown Eyed Girl 
2. He Ain't Give You None
3. T.B. Sheets
4. Spanish Rose
5. Goodbye Baby
6. Ro Ro Rosey
7. Who Drove The Red Sports Car
8. Midnight Special
9. Beside You
10. It's Alright
11. Madame George
12. Send Your Mind
13. The Smile You Smile
14. The Back Room
15.  Joe Harper Saturday Morning
16. Chick-A-Boom
17. I Love You
18. Brown Eyed Girl

Disc II:
Jamming Session

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