Amazing Stories (1 DVD-R each)
Disc 1 Cat# 325:
 Ghost Train (pilot) A-, Head of the Class A+
Disc II Cat# 326:
 The Mission A+, No Day at the Beach A+
Disc III Cat# 327:
 Family Dog A+, Mirror Mirror A+, Blue Man Down A+
Disc IV Cat# 328:
 Life on Death Row A+, The Amazing Falsworth A+, Mr. Magic A+
Disc VA Cat# 329:
 The Wedding Ring A, The Main Attraction B+, Mummy Daddy B+
Disc VB Cat# 330:
 Alamo Joe B+, Secret Cinema B+, Guilt B+
Disc VI Cat# 331:
 Miss Stardust A+, Fine Tuning A+, The Gribble A-
Disc VII Cat# 332:
 Alamo Joe B+, Secret Cinema B+
Disc VIII Cat# 333:
 Miscalculation A, Hell Toupe A, Magic Saturday A
Disc IX Cat# 334:
 Such Interesting Neighbors A, Thanksgiving A, One for the Road A

Twilight Zone (1 DVD-R each)
Disc 1 Cat# 335:
Where is Everyone A+, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge A+
Disc 2 Cat#336:
The Masks A+, In the Eye of the Beholder A+

Twin Peaks
Pilot Episode Cat# 337/8: Quality B+ (not great), Never Releaseed For Sale

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