The Early Years
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Texas International Pop Festival aka White Lightning -
Dallas Motor Speedway, Lewisville, TX 9/1/69 (1 CDR)
Early Winter with Sorching Guitar. Has Tommy Shannon on Bass
Snb Boot CD>CDR   OH BOY 1-1969 TEX 7
Sound: A-
Time: 42:37
Flaws: None, last song cut
Kahuna's Rating:****
Johnny Winter complete discography says:
Despite the fair recording quality, you can considerate this recording as "outstanding" for the period.
     1) Introduction 0:06 
     2) Mean Town Blues 9:36 
     3) Black Cat Bone 4:56 
     4) Mean Mistreater 12:45 
     5) Talk to your Daughter 7:05 
     6) Leland Mississipi Blues 5:24 (mislabeled as Look Up) 
     7) I'm not Sure 2:49 
     (mislabeled as I Can Love You Baby - this song fades out) 

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