The Rockstar Era
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Rock'n'roll Hoochie Koo aka Live in Stoccolma - Stockolm, Sweden 2/1/71 (1 CDR)
Here it is, my most killer boot from Johnnies rock era. With Rick Derringer, Randy Hobbs and Bobby Caldwell
Fantastic boot. Rock hasn't been played any harder than this, Highly recomended!!!!
This boot has many differnt names. The one I have has two filler songs from New Haven 8/23/88, First set of covers are from it. Most copies don't have these filler songs
Snb Boot CD>CDR   Lost Rose Records - LR06
Sound: A
Time: 72:31
Flaws: None, last song in stockholm show cut
Kahuna's Rating:*****
Johnny Winter complete discography says: Sound quality: excelent soundboard - FM
1) Good Morning Little School Girl(4:35) 
2) Rock'n'roll Hoockie Koo (5:37) 
3) Be Careful with a Fool(18:50) 
4) Jumpin'Jack Flash(5:31) 
5) Medley: Great Balls of Fire/Long Tall Sally/
Whole Lota shakin'Goin'on (21:41- the medley fades out) 
Filler: New Haven 8/23/88
6) Instrumental
7) Rock Me

Dervish Blues - San Bernardino 1975 late September (1 CDR)
FM Broadcast from the same tour as the "Captured Live" album. Many of the songs sound almost identical with little differences. Scourching rock!!!!
Note: I'd recommend buying the "Captured Live" Album, the sound is much better. And its one of the hotest releases of live music ever!!!
Snb Boot CD>CDR   Tuff Bites TB 94.1007
Sound: A, Scrathy at times
Time: 45:45
Flaws: None
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
Johnny Winter complete discography says:
Probably the Radio Show that delivered the idea of the "Captured Live" album. "Sweet Papa John" and "Roll with
me" are the same versions of the official LP, "Rock and Roll People" and "Boney Moroney" have a slight different mix from the LP. "Highway 61 Revisited" is an "extended play" version. This is the unique JW bootleg ( till now) in a card board sleeve ( very beautiful).
Tuff-bites presents a unique piece.
Recorded in superb sound quality 1975, we enjoy a gig loaded with energy. Johnny is playing so fast, that it is difficult to follow it with two ears. While the live-CD labels permantly release stuff by the same artists, with the exceptional guitarist Johnny Winter Tuff Bites presents a true rarity! Recorded in very best sound quality in 1975 in the USA, we enjoy an energy-loaded, captivating gig of the quartet (I'm nearly sure that the three other musicians are the original McCoys), which serves us with a high-proofed mixture of rock and blues. Johnny plays so fast, that it's hard to follow him with both of your ears - and the songs have lengths of 5 to 13 minutes. From the cover versions it's Bob Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited" that stands out, while the original Stones version of "Jumping Jack Flash" can't be reached for eternity, IMO. Not only because there are only so less live-CDs items by Johnny Winter this release deserves special attention. Rock and roll people, roll with it!

Walkin By Myself - Calderone Theatre in Hempstead N.Y 8/7/77 (1 CDR)
FM Broadcast from the White, hot and Blue time period, Good sound here too.
Snb Boot CD>CDR   1992 Relix records
Sound: A
Flaws: None,
Kahuna's Rating:****
Johnny Winter complete discography says:
Oldie-Markt, issue Aug 93 (Europe's most popular records collector magazine)
Out of Texas comes one of the best white blues guitarists at all, Johnny Winter. "Walking By Myself" showcases him where he's best at: performing live. As his manager writes, this was one of the best shows of the albino, but there are no detailed information when and where the gig took place. But according to line-up and set-list it must have been around the tour to the album "White, Hot & Blue" in 1978. The music is Winter as usual: Thundering blues rock with excursions to rock 'n' roll and the Rolling Stones. A one-man-show is guarenteed, however Winter gets best support by his fellowners Isaac Sweat, Uncle John Turner and Kent Rush.
     1) E.Z. Rider 
     2) Walking By Myself 
     3) Mother Earth 
     4) Boney Maroney 
     5) Busted In Austin 
     6) Messing With The Kid 
     7) I Can't Make It By Myself 
     8) Johnny B. Goode 
     9) It's All Over Now 
     10) Jumping Jack Flash 

Albino Kangaroo - San Francisco 8/10/73 (1 CDR)
Tracks 1-9 are Johnny Winter and Black Kangaroo, Johnny Winter (guitar and vocal), Peter Kaukonen (bass), Jimmy Gillen (drums). Tracks 10-11 source is unknown, most likely from 1970 Beatclub show yet they have the best sound. Track 12 is from Live from Liberty Hall Sessions with Jimmy Reed 1972.
Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A, (mono sounding)
Time: 70:10
Flaws: None,
Kahuna's Rating:****
Johnny Winter complete discography says:
This period was around the Still Alive and Well days. Johnny's going on tour after the record was out definitely helped his
popularity and sales out, yet it took a lot of courage for him to return to the life that nearly destroyed him. He had learned valuable lessons and they were all branded inside his head. But you can?t keep from being filled with wonder and astonishment at what a good job he did coming back and getting back info the same patterns as before, only this time without the need for junk. He had gained enough insight to be able to tell when it starts to get destructive. He thought he would have been able to see it before and blew it and guessed it would be possible to blow it again.

His life had been changed by the last four years, yet he chose to use this experience of the past as lessons well learned, so as not to repeat the stormy past. Possibly somewhere in his subconscious, Rick?s constant optimism, Johnny?s fondness for science fiction, the unknown, his brother Edgar, and other positive forces in his life and personality gave way to his new way of thinking - there was more ahead than behind. Johnny felt that everything always works out for the best. He was enjoying himself.

He was hitting the small clubs, circulating. Peter Kaukonen and Jimmy Gillen were known as Black Kangaroo. Johnny jammed
with them one night at the Orphanage and were renamed Albino Kangaroo. He now had gathered experience from the days gone
by, now had an instinct, an awareness, and was ready again to do rock and roll battle for the second time around., Positively
Johnny Winter was back on top.

The Blues Comes Twice - Pittsburgh, PA 1974 (1 CDR)
This is really a Edgar Winter boot with Johnny playing on (3) songs. I'm not a big Edgar fan but I collected it for Johnnie's playing and its outstanding. The sound is outstanding and the Edgar is good too with a 19+ minute Tobacco road. A real collectors item
Radio Snb Boot CD>CDR
Sound: A
Time: 70:10
Flaws: None, fades out between songs
Kahuna's Rating:****1/2
Johnny Winter complete discography says:
Sound Quality: excellent, from radio. Listed only as Pittisburg 1974. Johnny plays only 3 songs. Every song fade in. Killer
1) Keep playing that Rock n Roll
2) Frankenstein
3) Tobacco Road
4) Free Ride
5) Blues in my Soul
6) Bad Luck Situation 
7) Johnny B.Goode 
8) Jumpin'Jack Flash 


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